stealing valor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. This is outrageous! American servicemen who have genuinely flown over the Battle Zone of Northern Ireland and been awarded the appropriate medal are being belittled by imposters who have mearly flown near it!

    Something should be done!!! 8O
  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    I'm sorry, but I just don't understand what you are trying to say here.

    Is this an attempt to be humorous? If so, it wasn't very humorous to me. :roll:
  3. Counterstrike , I don't think you understand just how angry Americans who have "BTDT" get about these walts. I suggest you have a quick look at . speak to some of the genuine Viet or Korea vets , not the "uber-patriot 6 years in Germany spanner monkeys" and then you can get an insight into why it hurts them so much.

    You'd feel the same way about someone trying to pass themselves off as a medal winner from 2 sisters , Goose Green, Tumbledown or Al-Amarah.
  4. counterstink:

    "You're NOT in Kansas any longer..."


  5. I wonder what the British Army/RAF/Navy would be doing about such things like this?
    -I don't think (from what I read) anything is in place or is even planned to protect our servicemen/woman's battle honours from looters like the idiots I was just reading about in the link above!

    -It's truly a shame how someone earned battle honours, only to have someone come along and say "I have one" then tell some bull story of how they got it! and then to find out they are a complete fake, even buying one off someone would be a disgrace as where did it come from?.. I know there are fakes about and these people should be punished further for disgracing the servicemen/woman who fought tooth & nail to earn such a commemoration!

    *Sorry if this offends anyone, but it's kinda true.. I would not like to find out someone is ripping off my or other families hard working achievements! it's truly a shame! and down right disrespectful!
  6. Shouldn't we make a law to at least make wearing the VC, GC, CGC, MC MM and the other gallantry awards illegal unless awarded? Preferably with a hefty fine. Theres a difference between re-enactment walting or even airsofting with this, people claiming to be brave when they are gutless cnuts gets my fcuking blood up.

    Rant off
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but I think it is illegal to wear the VC/GC if you (or your relative) haven't earned it.
  8. Whats the penalty though, and is it well publicised?

    We could even extend it to MBEs etc.....although any cnut seems to have one of those today anyway.
  9. I don't know what the punishment is but I am sure if it got reported the police would show up and say "no job here" and then go arrest somebody for watering their garden or some other pointless task (not having a dig at the police, just the PC-ness - excuse the pun - of it all).
  10. Quite right counterstrike. Those were the stories going around when I was in. Drink a pint of Harp and it was an instant Purple Heart. How we laughed in Nam (Chippenham). The trouble is that stories like that detract from the fact that many people from both sides of the pond and beyond have laid down even their lives in return for an insignificant piece of metal which attracts Walts like flies round shite.

    The piece of metal might be insignificant but the actions and deeds associated with that piece of metal are something that even the waltiest Walt couldn't begin to replicate in his/her wildest dreams. Something needs to be put on the statute book to make this a criminal offence and while a trip to the tower and a working combination of blunt rusty implements and genitals sounds like a fitting punishment to me, something slighty more modern but no less of a deterrent needs to be the answer to a growing problem. Failing that, hang the fcukers.
  11. Why not just force them to do the very act they claim they did. If they claim they spent 6 months in Bagdad, send them there for a tour, then they will have done 6 months in Bagdad and won't have to lie anymore :D
  12. That sounds pretty good actually, but what about the SS walts?
  13. I think jumping out of a Herc at X thousand feet with no Para training should cure even the hardest cases.

    Especially when they're a spritely 60 but then they're still lying fcukers.
  14. ss walts lend lease to the chechyna conflict probably nearist thing to eastern front at present by all accounts . :D .Though a lot of fools would jump at the chance of throwing themselves out of hercules training or not .