Stealing someones girlfriend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nescafe236, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. I really like a girl, in fact I would go as far as to say she is perfect, beautiful and I get on with her really well. Problem is she has a boyfriend and has done for quite a while. I have never really made a move on her because it didn’t feel right.

    While away on holiday I heard she slept with another guy it was nothing really but a holiday fling but I am fed up of waiting around to see if she leaves her boyfriend.

    I am considering anonymously telling him....... what do you think of this? Is it totally wrong or just a little? My biggest worry is if it worked and we got together eventually I would always have it hanging over me that it was me who told her ex.

    But then maybe I am doing them both a favour.... right?
  2. she's a slag, you're a fecking snitch
  3. Get her drunk, do her up the wrong 'un, then post pictures here.
  4. how is she perfect if she's shagging other guys on holiday?

    that'd be a right put-off for me.
  5. yer she really sounds perfect :roll:
  6. Kidnap,drug her then rape her. That way you'll what she's like before you make any sort of committment. Always try before you buy.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Have you reached puberty?
  8. Yeah, I get where your coming from here but I dont think she is happy with her fella at all from what I can gather.

    She wouldn't be cheating on me, I can garantee you that.... :D
  9. Why? Are you going to kill her and keep her in your shed? Which works by the way... :x
  10. You appear to have had a slight bump on the head my friend. You see this is where you go if you want people to mercilessly break your will to live using the written word.

    What you appear to be seeking, is an eldery buxom lady called Denise. You will find her spouting all sorts of advice on a programme called 'This Morning'. Failing that try picking up any tabloid newspaper, turn to the relevent problem page, jot down the numbers and give them a ring.

    If you find that this is no help, then perhaps a quick call to the Samaritans, where hopefully they will advise you to take your own life in a horrific and bloodcurdling manner.
  11. You appear to have typed in Army rumour service instead of dear deidre 8O
  12. She will be perfect if you leave her with the current boyfriend and you just fuck the hell out of her when you feel like it................ all the fun without the cost!

    Oh and she is clearly a slag so you don't want to take her home to mom :p
  13. Not my first preference but any suggestions are welcome.......
  14. My mates lady friend makes my sizable appendage swell, she is a boot ugly c*nt but ever since she told me she let 3 lads w*nk all over her in a hotel room in Salou I have been particularly enamoured.
  15. duckula... you didnt think I came on here to take your advice ever so seriously and live happilly ever after did you? Ah bless..... I think the light hearted humour that arrse can provide is perfect for this situation.