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Discussion in 'RAC' started by IrishHussar, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys
    this is my first post on this forum so a big hello to everyone on here.
    The main reason I'm posting on here is to ask all you ex Cav/Tankies are there any enthusiastic Simers/Gamers on here? It would be reasonable to expect ex RAC, IT users, as you all must be in order to read this, to be maybe interested in AFV simulation. I've been playing a Sim called Steel Beasts Pro PE for the last 8 months and am totally convinced its the dogs bollocks as far as Armoured sims go. Its not really a game but an adaptation of real millitary software made available for the public. It has its own gaming community and is not cheap, £75.00. This limits the amount of idiots that purchase it.

    If your interested please follow the link below.

    Your comments are invited.

  2. £75!!! Do i get a real tank in the post for that, whats an AVF simulation? and for £75 im sure most IT Tankies have subscriptions to Horses-r-us for less
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Been aware of Steel Beasts for a year or more. It's been discussed in these forums before now and I don't think your opinions are that far from anybody else's.

    Personally, I wouldn't pay that for a game, even if it isn't really a game.

    There has been talk that the MOD get uptight about releasing specs of our kit and that's why (apparently) there is no British gear in the "game", though I understand that might be changing.

    Have to say I'd far rather have a bash as SB than COD or MOHAA, which are primarily puddle-jumping games with no clue about armour.

    But I am a Luddite and always last onto a bandwagon, so I'll be last onto SB when the price comes down a lot more (though I did understand that it was selling for about GBP120 a year ago, so who knows?)
  4. Will it work in my shed? I've been looking for something to replace my Aquillina sim for some time now. PS Anyone know where I can get some replacement BTR 60PB silhouettes from?
  5. Thanks for your comments so far.
    It is obviously not an aquiliner GTS, I wouldnt pay 20p for one of those. If you forget the actual physical surroundings, ie youre are not inside a turret but in front of youre pc at home. Its better than the Multi million pound CATT simulators. Lets face it when youve got your mug tight up against the sight not much else is important apart from aquiring the target. As for there being no British equipment that didnt stop whole Battlegroups deploying down to Graffewher pre CATT days. If enough squaddies start to play/buy and shout about this, the procurment boys might start to take notice. The New Zealanders and Australian Armoured Corps guys are getting this issued free of charge allbeit in a LAN only version.

    Im sorry if this has all been previously discuused if anyone has a link to those posts I would be gratefull.

  6. Operation Flashpoint is far better IMHO. And they have Brit kit via PUKF addon team.
  7. I think Californian Tanker (M1A2 Cav) has discussed Steel Beasts with enthusiasm before
  9. Not as such, crap crosscountry performance see?
    I believe there is a move afoot to produce a belt fed cocktail stick dispenser addon.

    You would have to watch out for peoples eyes mind.
  10. There is a BBQ addon out for OFP.
  11. yes i got that as an add on with operation flashpoint remfs on fire
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure if somebody already owns this game :wink: , and they just wanted to get a back-up copy, they could always search for a steel beasts pro torrent on google :D
  13. only 26 people are sharing it at the mo (emule) :roll:

    tankie got a prezzie for ya
  14. Do you get 2 weeks R and R in Calgary and Banff after you get a K-KILL ?
  15. I love it!