Steady on Trigger

I saw this article, and figured you filthy animals could get some mileage from it:
Mermaid outfit banned from pool 'for health and safety reasons' - SHP Online | Health and Safety News, Legislation, PPE, Training and CPD

Then this bit caught my eye:
Leia Trigger, a shop assistant who wants to become a children’s entertainer, made the tail in order to fulfill her desire to ‘explore as a mythical, amazing, graceful creature’ in water.
Oh I thinks I, this requires some googleing, so I present to you Bromsgrove's very own little mermaid:

Now I've done far worse (more MerDugongidae than Mermaid), but it got me thinking, how many more of this sort of lass are out there?

Apparently enough to make a viable business out of:
Mermaid Swim Tails, UK, Learn to Swim, Mermaid Swimming Lessons

I can't help but feeling there's an entirely missed, if rather fishy, collection of perversion here.


Her costume is a hate crime against people who like female legs.
There is one arrsemaiden who has her very own mermaid tail.

These people swim amongst us


Book Reviewer
I would. But.

To quote the old joke about the red injun and the mermaid.

Don't poke mental.
There's something quite fishy about this story and I can't quite put my todger on it
Hannah Fraser, youtube. Professional mermaid. Remarkable in many good ways.

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