Steadfast Charity a cutting edge charity for the English ?

cnuts and mischeif makers who have never served

  • cnuts who never answer questions

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  • just cnuts

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  • realy ok guys halo your just a biach

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Or a bunch of fcuktards of questionable intellect intent on what might me called creating a charity for the possible intent of raising money that would be handed out for legal costs?

or am i just a silly woman and there a bloody good bunch of English folk. :roll:

Ppersonally i want them all to cnut off and stick there heads in flaming tar buckets while being dry bummed by rockapes! i would pay at least a pound to see that.

edited for mlllllar spelling
Why start another topic on this crap, are you stupid ?
so i can swear as i cannot be a potty mouth in Charity and Welfare forum.

which is my reaction to the crap these tards keep bring too ARRSE

I also find it more than a little offensive that they come to make political points in charity and welfare as well as finding it offensive as i am sure you do that they have never served in many cases but think they can rattle there collection tins on ARRSE

moved. mk

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