Steadfast Charity - a cutting edge charity for the English

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ThumpDevil, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. This has been mentioned before on ARRSE - but some did not seem to understand its significance. So I am starting a new thread to try and clear up one or two misperceptions.

    Is the website for the English. The English as a group of people in a legal sense.

    Why is this important? Well the world is changing.

    If your heritage is English and you identify with that group of people you would rightly be classified as English. And under law that gives / should give you rights. Just as other groups of people have been exercising their rights for decades - under the law.

    Is this relevant to a majority group of people? Well yes - just because you are in a major group that does not mean you are protected 'all of the time'.

    Recently a woman who was classified by a potential employer as 'English' was denied a job because she was English. This case made the national news. Steadfast (or more accurately its legal arm,) stepped in and the employment position was withdrawn.

    Why is it important for soldiers? Well - just to know that this charity is there and is operating may be of comfort. No one is saying that the Army operates discrimination. But it is good to know that the Steadfast Trust is there.

    What to do? Make a note of the web address and please donate if you feel that this means something to you as a person - not necessarily as a soldier. £10 per month may be all it takes.

    To sum up. There are thousands of legal charities like this - but this is the first in legal history for 'The English' - it is ground breaking and is new. If you identify with it and oine day you may need it, then it has relevance to you as a person.
  2. Trigger - read the forums, we've already been treated to this announcement...
  3. Go far far away please
  4. Yes I know. But it required more.

    Some thought it was right wing. It is not. It is very important stuff.

    Thats me signing off for now. Have a good night.
  5. oldbaldy

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  6. Dozy, he knows, that's why he's back with a new identity to push it again...
  7. Gremlin

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    Unfortunately this is C&W not the NAAFI forum, so I cannot full express my loathing for this sort of thing!
  8. I fully understand that some of the ideas that this charity are promoting may be quite new to many people. The idea that ethnic English people are recognised as a distinct group in law is not an idea that the race industry as a whole has been overly keen to promote (this in itself was the subject of a legal case only last week). It is English people alone who have not been encouraged to think of themselves as a community in stark contrast to the myriad of tv programmes, radio stations, community centres, charities, lobbying groups, books, newspapers etc aimed at other specific groups.

    When we realise all this I honestly cannot see here what there is to loath. Take the Abigail Howarth case for example. Contrary to the law of the land she was discriminated against purely on the grounds of her ethnicity ie English. If no other group were willing to take the Environmental Agency to task over this then what can be wrong with a group doing it who wishes to protect the interests of that particular group.

    The term English can mean many different things. One of the meanings of it is in the ethnic term recognised in law (and also clearly recognised by the way by the Environment Agency). Some people may not regognise or even wish to use the term English in the ethnic sense and that is fine. The point is that many people do (including the law). I honestly don't see anything to loath.
  9. oldbaldy

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    Well I'm with Gremlin. This thread should be in the hole where it belongs. :evil:
  10. Hole it up and leave it there. I am really suprised the Charities Commission have authorised this organisation to act as a charity. Even when those who support it try to justify its existance it comes accross as a thinly disguised BNP type outlet.

    To the Hole and dont spare the horses!
  11. I wonder what he thinks actually classifies as 'English'?

    Obviously, Those who are descended from the Medieval Ages don't count because most of them have got a bit of Roman in them, the anglo-saxons amongst us wouldn't really qualify - after all, the Angles were German and the Saxons were a mixture of Germans and Danes (the good old Jutes!) Those descended from William the Conqueror don't count because he was, as we all know, a French b a s t a r d (happily nicknamed Guillaume le Bâtard). I've got a feeling that most of those old devils, The Puritans, saw themselves (wrongly) as being quite 'English' but then, they were always a bit of an odd group of people. I suppose maybe those descended from Oliver Cromwell might have a bit of a claim but, to be honest, people who hail Cromwell just p i ss off the Irish (and, we don't want that, right?)

    So, I'm curious, who exactly ARE 'The English'?

    (Excuse me please for bringing logic into ThumpDevil's otherwise perfect idea). 8O (I hate this type of group, I really do).

  13. The English are no more pure or "mongrel" than anyone else. The sort of comments you've made above could be made about any group of people on the planet. Wouldn't you agree?
  14. What you have all got to realsie is that the world is changing at a fast pace.

    What you took to be true so many years ago is not now.

    This is not the right wing. It is a charity under law. Fact. Charities are nor racist and this charity contains no one from the right wing. It is legally driven.

    The English are in need of representation like I said. That no one is looking after them just because they are a majority.

    As suich as people (not perfection,) you need to understand that a charity in todays world like this in inevitable. It was going to occur in a wolrd driven by law. It takes a thought leap. And may require some to realise reality and stop quoting sound bites.

    Why is it important to defend and promote this charity. Because it is the first of its kind.

    But not the last.
  15. Cheers for that. None of us were aware of that before you came along, despite the vast breadth of experience and knowledge gathered on this site. You're not going to get much support here so why not contribute something other than this sh1te?