Staying in touch with mates

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sturge, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. I have two friends joining the army shortly i was wondering whether there was a service avaliable to keep in touch with them when they abroad etc. Im also trying to find a bloke i met on holiday (both with our lady friends by the way) who was on leave. Is there any way i can get in contact?
  2. ?
  3. There is indeed, it's called Royal Mail.
  4. Write to this guy in December..he'll help....:

    Santa Claus,
    Reindeer Lodge,
    North Pole.
  5. Try a mobile phone......amazin
  6. Jim may be able to help you

    Jim'll fix it for you
    C/O BBC
  7. I knew a guy in the Army once, I could get you in touch with him. No sorry that was me.

    Can't help you I'm afraid.

    You could join up and have a look for him yourself :D
  8. Is he in the NAVY and is it a gay thing keeping in touch.
  9. Literally in touch.