Staying in Germany after the forces

Currently in the Signals and looking to getting out. Although time frame is not certain, what is certain though is my desire to stay in Germany with my family.

Is there anyone been through this situation and currently living the dream in Germany, and have you got a German job or are you working 2 weeks on 2 off etc in a nice hot country or as a roustabout offshore?

Any tips and pointers would be great.


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I left the army in 96, local discharge and worked as a dfs firefighter in jhq. Progressed to taking the german paramedic exams after college and loved it. Rent can be a killer and the jobs in the mod system are crap pay!

Working for a (big) german firm is much better!

Where are you looking at residing?
Looking at staying in Osnabrück. Already rent in Os so I sort of have a head start.

With 4X closing down in the next few years I fear competition on the local net will be savage.

A local job would be OK as you said crap pay and high taxes so I was sort of looking further away though residing in Os if you get me.

What's your German like? Get you and the family enrolled in one of the night time classes. I have a few mates who left and stayed in the Fatherland, and being fluent helped heaps in sercuring a good job with the local firms.

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