Staying in barracks

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by SPC1, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Hey, i've been told thats it's against the rules for soldiers to take gf etc into the barracks for the weekend or staying the night is that true?

    i'm new here lol.
  2. Taking girls in the block is fine, getting caught is against the rules though.

    What time can you come round?
  3. haha so having them there is fine but getting caught is another matter lol...
  4. Welcome to ARRSE, SPC1.

    Yes, it is against the rules for girlfriends and boyfriends to be in the accommodation. You can visit the Camp for the NAAFI etc but you should not be in the accommodation at night.

    The rules are there to protect both you and him (or you and her...)!

  5. alrite lol thanks for the info.
  6. the new barracks being built in surrey for the royal anglians is now being allowed girlfriends and girls to stay
  7. I'll give it a month before it goes horribly wrong.
  8. They've been doing it at 1 Div since 2002 and works OK.
  9. lucknow brks, gf and bf can stay as long as they want.
  10. Lots of luverly and hilariously funny stories around 1980-81 about birds in the block. This made national newspapers sell in Aldershot like never before. Does anyone want to take their gf into the land of the cheapseats? I never did.
  11. in 1968 we had a girl in the block in Sennelager but The News of the World found out and we all got sent to Libya