Staying in army till your 50

Just wondering i no officers are but are normal soldiers aloud to stay in the army at 50 years old+? Not including territorial army. Just regular army. How many stay in past 50 if they can?
And why not, civvy firms do not bin the experienced middle and senior managers and supervisors just when they have learnt their way around the system.
Civvy firms dont normally ask their employees to put on body armour in 40 degree heat and continue to work either.
Its a balance between retaining experience and risking the health of the older soldiers.
Not exactly “Staying in army till your [sic] 50” – But on a similar vein, prior to Chrimbo, I was talking to a 52 year old rejoinder in our NAAFI. He had been REME many, many moons ago, now he’s rejoined as AAC. He's been through Phase 1 Trg again and then obviously Phase 2 Trg due to his change in capbadge. Credit to him for having a crack at it again at that age, especially as he rejoined as a Tom!

The MoD have obviously realised that they can at least get a three year return of service with blokes like this one. I take my hat off to him! If people are fit and motivated enough, without any serious outstanding medical issues, then why not?

The MoD had to do something else, this seems like a good move, because recruiting from the Commonwealth alone cannot solve the serious manning problems that we have.

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