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Following on from the "getting fit" thread in the TA Recruitment forum, here's a question for the PT jedis:

Assuming someone completes (for example) the scaley fitness programme and basic recruit training, what is the recommended PT they should do in their own time to maintain or improve that fitness level for the duration of their TA career?

For the avoidance of doubt, my question isn't "Oo! I eat babies! I'm so fat! Yum yum babies! How would I get slim, if I wanted to, which I don't?" It is: given that the scaley fitness programme for newbies seems so reasonable and achievable, what is the minimum (and/or the recommended) amount of phys we all should be doing (assuming, in the case of TA bods, that their civilian work does not require them to do phys)?
Is the 'Scaley fitness programme' a good guide for someone training to join regular army > infantry?
My particular problem is i havn't got a training routine, and i seem to change tact every week :?
I need a programme i can stick to. I'm no expert, but reading through the 'Scaley fitness programme' it seems pretty reasonable.

Is it maybe just a case of upping the distance/amounts slightly to justify for a full time infantryman?

Dr_Evil: I noticed you wern't getting any replies so i Hi-jacked your thread, hope you dont mind :p
I don't mind. Gives me the chance to show off.

A general fitness training programme aimed at those intending to join the regular Army, which includes instructions on how to do the assessment exercises in the proper way, is available here: Go ahead and compare it with the scaley programme - and let us know what the differences are.

I reckon that if you complete whichever of those two programmes you choose by the time you join, you'll be sorted for the infantry as a recruit. Let the inf and their own PTIs train you to the standard they require after that. The inf do take phys a wee bit more seriously than everyone else - but it's best not to try to steal too much of a march on everyone else without proper PTI supervision.

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