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Following on from the "getting fit" thread, here's a question for the PT jedis:

Assuming someone completes (for example) the scaley fitness programme and basic recruit training, what is the recommended PT they should do in their own time to maintain or improve that fitness level for the duration of their TA career?
Go running every other night for at least 3 miles. Do resistance training 3 times a week and eat healthy grub, lay off fags and moderate your alchol consumption.
Won't you have no knees left if you do nowt but running every other night for, oh, 20 years?
Defo not mate, nothig wrong with running as long as you keep it to grass areas. Road running buggers the knee joints. You can obviously take the odd week off when on holiday or whatever but to maintain your fitness then try alternating the running with swimming.

Three miles isn't all that much: 35 mins or so. No recommendations re running up and down mountains carrying mini-mes on yer back?
I'm no expert mate but if you really want to bugger your knees/back/hips/ankles then you run up as many hills as you like, mini-mes and all.

If you are looking to be super fit then by all means run further and harder but you can do such a thing as over-train.
All you should be doing is maintaining your fitness not really improving it. The resistance training is sufficient for your upper body strength and will aid you when it comes to tabbing the 8 miler.
gingwarr said:
Dr_Evil said:

Three miles isn't all that much: 35 mins or so. No recommendations re running up and down mountains carrying mini-mes on yer back?
Oh dear.

Too much time in the lab working on Preparation H, I fear :)
Yeah. Bad at sums. That was based on 7-8mph which I realise is not fast. But -

(a) this advice is not really for me - I'm well into the overtraining side of things; and
(b) I have no idea how long it takes me to run 3 miles on these little legs, although I should. A week? Two minutes?
Dear Dr Vile Furrysnatch, very good link to the TA fizz programme for the younger conoursior of the fizz. Any pointers to us old n bold mighty ducks who need to suddenlypolish up our zimmer frames
Follow the same program, it's open to all.

*Disclaimer* Get checked over by a qualified doctor prior to any physical exercise... (Umbrella UP!).
Link to the basic phys thing was provided by eminent poster fivetodo on the "getting fit" thread.

But I spotted that there is just as much of a need for fitness advice aimed at those who have been in for a while, as a reminder of what the minimum necessary is.
My personal belief is that you can only be so fit. Top athletes and the likes can really bugger themselves up when training for top level events, after these events are finished they sometimes hit real problems with their health. Immune systems are low and colds and flu's are very common.

The key is to srtike a balance.
A fit health heart should beat at approx. 65-75 beats per minute when rested. Some top athletes have heart rates of 40-50 beats per minute, some even lower. That's superfit. No real requirement to have yourself too fit IMHO.
By the way, by "moderate your alcohol consumption", you meant what, exactly?

15 units per week for males 10 units per week for females. Dont binge drink and avoid lager/beer/alchopops as they will put a gut on you if your not careful.
Hmmm. I seem to require a stiff double whisky every evening in order to be able to "listen" to Mrs Evil and entertain the kids. Also helps ease the pain from overtraining. Is this bad?
Defo not bad in my opinion. I'm quite partial to a scotch myself of an evening. Keeps the blood thin you see and helps with the cholestorol....

*Disclaimer* I have no idea if the above is true but I've convinced myself that it is....

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