staybright shell casings? WHY NOT?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sgt_Stan_DA_Tease, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. ..........I have spent the last few days being bored out of my tiny mind. I decided it was time to break out the Brasso and shine up the artillery shell casings and other brass "soveniers" on the mantle piece. All went well, and only took an hour (as theres not a lot on there).

    But, then I had the stupid idea of unpacking my tin of 200 gimpy rounds, all still linked, and all got new pointy bits on the top. "How long could this take me?" "Not that long....a day maybe?"

    Yeah...right. 3 bloody days it took me. I unlinked em all, and set to. One at a time, I polished up the casings and the bullet tips. 10 at a time. Then re-linked them back up again, the belt gradually getting longer, until all were done. Like I said - 3 bloody days.

    Why am I moaning? Well, I dropped my coffee cup TWICE afterwards, as I could not feel the ends of my fingers. Trying to hold down a round with one hand and polish it with t'other. Polish on....wait....polish off. As we're well used to polishing stuff, I thought it'd be a doddle.

    But at least I now have 200 rounds of shiny brass as though they just came out of Radway. That is, until 6 months until they all dull down again, and I have to go through the whole bloody thing again.

    And it is here that I ask.....why hasn't anyone invented the staybright ammunition casing? It'd save me a lot of work, and would also have prevented a shed load of swearing and 2 large coffee stains on me carpet due to whitefinger.

    Has anyone got any ideas as to how I can keep the whole thing shiny WITHOUT having to polish each one by hand? I don't want to go to Halfords for spray laquer either. As when that flakes off brass, it looks hellish. (I've just wrapped the whole belt in greasproof paper, and then put them back in the ammo tin. I also put 3 sachets of Silica Gel on top, to sook up any excess mopisture that may get at them).

    Sorry it was a long winded post - and I would have put it in the irrelivant section (the arrse hole) but they denied me access, saying I ain't got the priviliges yet. Stuff em....what do they know? I'm an ex reg, served well, and they say I don't have a privilige? knickers.
  2. Case tumbler. Bung 'em in it when they get dull.


    NEVER DO THIS WITH LIVE ROUNDS! (Not that they'll go off but it may alter the properties of the propellant)
  3. .... are ye sure that thing is for spent casings? It looks like something that ASDA sell for kiddies to put their halloween sweets into (arf! arf!). I shall have a trawl on t'internet selling sites and see what to do, and more importantly, how much. It may be ok for 9mms and 7.62s etc, but I'd never get my Saladin shells in there!

    Many thanks for that info!!!
  4. Brasso them then lacquer them: Simples!
  5. So, tell us, exactly what would you have been doing if you hadn't been doing that? There's only so many times an hour you can thrap off to internet porn, you know.
    (And I liked your insertion of the gratuitous shed, there)
  6. Yup - thought about coating the ARMDC shells in laquer, as all the do is sit either side the mantle. However, the tin of 200 gimpy rounds are all linked. So, if I laquered them, then I'd only have to put them back in the tin top ferk them back up again (The links would strip the laquer off, both by clipping the round back in again, and also foilding the belt back into the tin.) Then, that'd be 3 days ruined! And do you know just how much work went into getting em all mirrored? I reckon it would take me 6 months to scrape away all the laquer again!

    Excuse me whilst I go have a valium and a lay down in a dark room at the thought.....
  7. I gave up with internet porn years ago. I came to the conclusion (sorry, bad pun) that you see it once, you seen it all. I got bored with it all. And besides, as me tackle don't work no more (thanks to surgery and nerve damage) I feel theres no point getting all hot under the collar and not being able to do owt about it!

    Anyhoo, what else would I have been doing? Well, erm...I lead an exciting life doncha know. Oh yes. I could have done that thing I was supposed to do last year. And then there was fix that thing wot broke ages ago and needs a new thingamajig.

    Who am I kidding. I do the same shit, day in and day out. That is - stare at 4 walls. First look out front window...then look out back window. If I want to spice up my days, I alternate which one I look out of first.
  8. Apparently not. Someone on the FAL Files tumbled several types of surplus 7.62 continuously for a week & neither the physical appearance of the propellant nor the velocity of the ammunition changed.
  9. Have you ever thought about getting a book to read or just chilling out a bit?
  10. Shinnerate them, put them in the link and then lacquerise them. ;-)
  11. It's so fucking sad.

    And yet you see pointy polishers, but fuckers still can't return ammo in a half decent state.
  12. Brasso is shit. Autosol is for winners.
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  13. Hmmm, I have often wondered if it was a myth but i wouldn't be in a hurry to try it.