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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Scavenger, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Bone question incoming...

    Have any of you had stay press creases put into CS95 or OG trousers?

    I've just changed from fish head to pongo and I'm not looking forward to ironing a load of green stuff. I'm thinking take the lot to the dry cleaners and save me several hard days labour.

    I always had stay press creases in my RN 1's, 2's, 3's and 4's - but dont know if its the done thing in the Army.

    Also - I've been issued barrack dress - why have I not seen anyone wearing it?!!

    Thanks all.
  2. Dont be such a lazy arrse, get your iron out shippers!
  3. Not been nicked by the RMP yet?
  4. What do they actually do? I know that dry cleaning means solvents, but that (I don't think) puts a solid crease in.

    Stiched in creases are a mess, and Wonderweb and a hot iron can go very wrong (although at least it peels off).
  5. I've no idea what magic the dry cleaning dohbey wallah's work - but it doesn't involve stiches or glue. Made my life much easier!
  6. Well thats a handy bit of advice! I'll avoid anyone wearing barrack dress then. Still no idea why I've been issued several sets.
  7. Ah trousers plastic green, the memories.
  8. Starch + iron = good result
    Trousers + stay press creases = idiot under AGAI
    I'm no mathematician but...
  9. creases are for poofs, iron flat its the way ahead
  10. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Or alternatively, creases are for proud soldiers that take pride in their bearing. Field conditions exempt of course.

    Just starch and iron. Back it up with a damp sponge over the creases and ironed again to really stiff it out, then use bulldog clips evenly spaced when hanging to really ingrain the crease.

    You can get your barrack dress stay-pressed though, that works fine.
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  11. easyier to do yes, but shows bone idleness and lack of pride in the uniform you wear.

    in short use a fecking iron
  12. basically, if you get brand new issued s95 kit you can put in your own durable creases.

    the principle behind this works thus:

    s95 kit is made from fabric that contains both cotton AND nylon/synthetic polymer fibres.

    what this means is, if you iron it hot enough the first time, the heat from the iron will literally melt the synthetic fibres, which will happily retain/memorise their shape through repeated washings and wearings.

    you will still need to iron regularly though, because although your creases will last ages if you do it right, the rest of the garment will inevitably crumple, and the pocket corners and collars will lift and look shit (use spray starch on these bits).


    1) Get a good iron, all irons have a label on them telling you the power rating in watts, for best results you will need a steam iron of AT LEAST 1500 watts power rating, preferably more, any less you won't get the polymer fibres melted.

    2) wash kit, and line dry until still just slightly damp, THIS DOES NOT TAKE LONG, 20 mins max on even an overcast day! (it's designed to air dry quickly).

    3) pre-heat your iron to its HOTTEST setting. DONT worry about burning holes in your kit, or getting the iron stuck, this kit is as tough as old boots!

    4) GENTLY pre iron your garments and get them all set up for a damn good pressing, think aboutwhere you want your creases, and gently start to iron them in. don't mess this bit up!

    5) when you are satisfied with your crease (arm say) then go ahead and bed it in by smoothing the iron over it until it is in, THEN press the hell out of it! press the iron on each bit of the crease as long as you dare, don't worry about a bit of a burning smell, this is normal, and means the polymer fibre cores are melting to the desired finish. this process can take quite a long time for a new shirt/trousers, but is well worth the effort!

    6) you will now have durable razor sharp creases that are literally melted to shape, they will stay like this for ages. make sure you hang them up, dont fold them, gravity helps keep your kit wrinkle free.

    7) after this process, you'll need to clean your iron, as it will have accumulated some sticky black film, due to the new fabric, this is normal. to clean, simply wipe the residue off with a WET cloth while the iron is still hot/cooling down. be careful, hot wet cloths make steam which can burn you, wipe quickly and firmly.

    now you may mince about with pride as all the other ruffled mongs in your unit will have no appreciation of the scientific approach to ironing, and will always look like sacks of potatoes.

  13. Fuck off, 95's rip like a wet paper towel!!

    Tough as old boots my arrse
  14. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The new ones are quite good, a lot tougher.
    You've also got the new, new ones due to come in with the reinforced crotch and knees. Although ideally it'd be crotch, knees, inside thighs and belt loops that were strengthened.