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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Degs44, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. I rejoined after 8 years out a couple of years ago with the express intention of doing a tour. My name's been down for H16 since the start of the year but the GM, despite saying originally that they would support me, has now said that it shows a lack of commitment to work, effectively ending any prospect of promotion if I go. I'm 42, I have a good job with good prospects that I enjoy, I'm the only earner, my daughter goes to one of the best Prep schools in the country, and I have reluctantly decided to take my name off the list. My question is whether I can stay in the TA now knowing I've made the right decision for my family but have let the TA down? This was my only chance of a tour at my age and I find it difficult to keep the fitness up to a reasonable level due to the time I get home. Have I become everything the Regs hate about the TA, or can I justify staying in on the basis that you need numbers to make the training more interesting?
  2. Actually, I admire your outlook.
  3. And most TA hate it too mate, it is a question of integrity. Everyone has something they can bring to the party old boy, the fact is if you can't go but you can offer skills and knowledge that support others, then hold your head high and don't worry about what others think. The problem is when individuals can go but don't because they have no spine. It's about your accountability, both to your mates and to yourself.

    You say,

    'the GM, despite saying originally that they would support me, has now said that it shows a lack of commitment to work, effectively ending any prospect of promotion if I go.'

    If that's true then there lies the source of the problem, not your integrity. I'd be getting stuff in writing and talking to HR.

    If you can provide worthwhile support to your unit then stay in and don't worry.
  4. Quite, by virteu of asking yourself this question you are better than all those that have taken the pay and bounty and have no intention of deploying anywhere other than SPTA. Staying in or not is only a question you can answer. Personally I'd rather have someone committed to coming in every week to make the numbers up for training than 2 blokes trying to attack a building on a Sunday with 100 "enablers" watching
  5. Are you feeling alright?
  6. Are you ******* stoned ?
  7. Tell your daughter when she's older that you were a big fat army dreamer pussy. Now **** off pussy.
  8. I personally think that unless the wheel well and truly comes off the MOD shouldn't be deploying its reserve as it is the reserve for a reason. Based on that notion if you're happy to take up arms and deploy to Dover should Belgium decide to invade us then remain.

    I wouldn't go missing out on a few thousand notes a year because you want to keep your civvy job that pays your bills by not deploying on a tour to Afghanistan. Give it a few years and the TA will go back to how it was pre 2003 just with a few more medals and a few better stories.
  9. So lets get this right, your over 40 and will never deploy.
    No offence mate but I don't think the TA is for you.
    The TA is a job which you get paid for but they expect something in return, you are wanting to treat it like working for tescos but never actually stacking the shelves, just assisting in making the brews at coffee time.
    Man up for fucks sake.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Bullshit. Its casual labour, with nothing to cover you long term in the event of a serious injury suffered on tour, and there's no pension at the end of it, which even a part time job would afford you.

    And you can tell what you've just said to all those 'enabler' spouters who resolutely refuse to go anywhere near a tour. Some of whom are posters on Arrse, are over 40 and seem to be to heavy rank wise.
  11. Whilst I se ewhat your posting its not quite true, is it? Get injured on tour and you are looked after as badly as they next man so it does cover you. Oh and go on tour and you get at least 6 months worth of pension
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  12. Don't hate the player, hate the game. If the TA sets itself up to be milked, milk it. More fool the MOD for not providing better terms and conditions of service for reservists then compulsory mobilising those they want.

    Fair enough I volunteered in the past but thats because I was skint and a ******* moron. Had my limbs been blown off I'd have been fucked off by the army in a flash with a sh1t pension and no means to feed my offspring.

    If I was in The TA now and someone asked for volunteers I'd throw rotten veg at the ****** and tell him to make sure my REMF's bounty was still going to be paid in.
  13. There is cover for long term injurys that occur during a tour and you do get a pension whilst mobilised. You need to check your facts.
    As far as the pension for TA service thats the condition of the job when you joined - if you don't like it don't join.

    Its nothing to do with age but be realistic, at 40 do you really want to spend your weekends at the TA with no intention of doing a tour.
  14. Thanks everyone, and I mean everyone, for the comments. I came on here for some honesty I wouldn't get from people who know me. I can't put my finger on why but I don't enjoy it as much as I did when I was in before, but it was all about doing what I had to in order to go on a tour. And I guess there's my answer. My Army career started in 1986 as a Junior Leader and it's hard to accept it's over without ever knowing whether I was up to the job. BTW I'm 172 cm tall, weigh 63kg, and run marathons, so that's the first time I've been called "fat".
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Can we be more specific as to what 'long term cover' means? I was under the impression you were covered financially for 'x' period after said injury, but only up until that point, irrespective of the severity of the injury. And only if you were in full time employment. If you were unemployed, that was you fucked. That said, this was for Telic 1, so I will gladly be corrected if things have changed.

    And you referred to it being a part time job, but clearly it is not. If you are doing a 6 or 8 month or whatever it is when you add up the POTL and training it is a full time job for that period, and its mobilised, so there is no 'part time' factor in it. And you can only do so many tours in any given period of time - one of our lot was told his 'human rights' were being breached by doing too many tours or some shit like that. So there is no part time in full time is there? And the REST of the time, Stabs are casual labour with no benefits accrued.