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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. One of my medics is going to Oxford Brookes to train as a paramedic for two years. During this time she will rarely attend TA training with our squadron. At the end of her course, providing she passes, she may or may not return to us since she cannot tell where she will be working when qualified.

    I suggested she consider transfering to a unit near Oxford, perhaps to UOTC, whilst she trains as a paramedic and then decides which TA unit to be a part of when she is settled in her job afterwards.

    This enables me to fill her slot with another CMT, since I have two soldiers in training who wish to be CMT's and are in danger of taking on a trade they are not completely happy with. Others are advising her to stay, and see what happens.

    Am I right to give her this advice?
  2. Try giving 202 Field Ambulance a call (they are near Dalton Barracks, Abingdon). Then maybe she can go on their strength and only do the basic attendance to qualify for bounty. This then leaves a space open at your unit for a CMTand adds another bod to a fully RAMC unit.
  3. Don't think you've done anything wrong. Let her go if she wants and let others take the slot... sounds like a reasonable way of treating someone and more likely to come back if they wish so at a latter date.
  4. Before anyone else says this.....

    I'll fill her slot for you ;)

  5. Giver her the option of transferring to the unposted list as well.
  6. Or put her in touch with CVHQ AMS, thereby reducing her training obligation to 19 days.
  7. Sounds like perfectly good advice to me. Our medic has been on a leave of absence for over a year while she "thinks about what she wants," and is holding up the PID for the following CMT who trains regularly with the unit and is more than capable of doing the job.
  8. Strange thing is I was pulled up by one of the WO's for telling her this. He said the PSWO and PSI had already said she could stay and that was an end to it. I simply told her my position, that if she's not here I would like her to move on, and said what was available to her elsewhere.

    Meanwhile one potential medic has been turned away and another forced into the wrong trade. Seems being the medic SNCO I have little imput into what goes on outsude the scope of training.

  9. Surely if the Squadron's command have decided she can stay, and she wants to, that's the end of discussion?
  10. The PSWO and PSI probably don't realise the implications of allowing her to continue to hold the PID. I would suggest raising the issue with your PSAO and OC.
  11. OC and 2ic unaware of situation. PSI dealt with it didn't discuss it with me. Not deliberate simply an oversight a case of recruit asking "Can I stay" and the PSI simply replying "yes no problem you can stay"

  12. At least ur unit have kept the slot open, at least it shows they are bothered about people.

    Pity about the potential member of your team, any chance they can hold a post from another sub unit?
  13. Clearly they aren't bothered about people. It seems to me that if there is a unit closer to where she is training for her civvy job then it would be better for her if she transferred and the slot can be given to the people who are on the spot. It seems to me they are more concerned about keeping their strength numbers looking good rather than the individuals. Still think Cardinal's advice was spot on. It's not as if he was telling her to take a hike!!!
  14. Depends on what they think caring/bothering is.... it's bothered but from a slightly twisted way and is probably skewed by small unit mentality like you say.
  15. A simple elegant solution, it just won't fuckin' do I tell you!