Stay away from fecking TalkTalk

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Schaden, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The most useless morons ever to run a business.

    On the other hand O2 are offering 6 months free for existing customers for their broadband service.
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  2. O2 aren't that great if you are in an area that isn't a BT (fibre optic?) zone. We experience less than 1 meg of broadband speeds and intermittent internet service. Crashing almost every 10 pages. Check your area first.
  3. Are you sponsered by O2?
  4. Have to agree, initial start up and home moves are a complete bag-o-shite, and if you develop a problem, their customer services leave a lot to be desired. But when everything is running smoothly, I'm more than happy with Talktalk, speeds are good and you can't argue with the price.Add to that, I'm currently in the process of moving into a brand new house. Phoned BT to find out the state of the phone line and they said it wasn't connected and I would need to pay £130 to have it done. If I signed a 24 month contract for BT phone, broadband and tv services (£59 a month), they would install the phone line free, but I would have to pay a £100 deposit and the first available date for connection was the 1st June. I told them I'd think about it. I then phoned Talktalk to cancel my subscription with them and when they asked why, I explained that I was moving into a new house that didn't have a BT line connected (I thought you needed one for any ISP). Talktalk then told me that as they now have their own phone lines, they could connect me, for free and on the 20th May. Past experience tells me I probably won't be online until the 20th June, but I'm not reliant on having an internet connection and I've saved some dosh!As an aside, the guy at Talktalk also told me they will be starting a digital tv service "sometime over the summer".
  5. I was promised all I have with Freeserve/Orange but cheaper with Talktalk.

    They failed on every aspect, so I cancelled within 28 days as I am allowed.

    They kept billing me for the next almost 12 months and sent in the debtcollectors from a Glasgow firm. I cancelled the Direct debit after they took out a second months money even though I told them I was leaving their awful service as allowed in the contract.

    They just keep billing you even when you leave them.

    Their help numbers are all in somewhere like Bombay and their understanding of English is minimal.

    Eventually, after over 12 months of arguing and writing to Talktalk and their arrogant debt collectors, the problem of joining Talktalk has been resolved . Debtcollectors are awful people. And the threatening letters/phonecalls do and are meant to provide you with grief.

    It cost me over £120+ for one month with Talktalk and 12 months of serious hassle.

    Talktalk are crooks !

    No wonder they are the most complained about ISP.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    My sister in law has talktalk and when I have had to contact talktalk on her behalf, after the has fecked things up again, I have found the talktalk help service to be very good. Quick response, simple instructions, no hassle.

    Just my experience though.

    I am with BT and am going to go to Urdu classes so I can understand their help desk people!!
  7. There's only one Urdu word will help with telesales and helplines......GANDU! (ghan doo)

    It means asshole.
  8. I'm with TalkTalk and my only gripe is-
    When you want to sign up - Sales Team - British call centre, couldn't be more straightforward and helpful
    Then once you've signed up, - service team - Overseas call centre who know a few words of English if you can hear them above the background hububb and have no idea what the answer to your query is.
    I expect the above applies to some other businesses as well
  9. If anyone has had bad experience with Talk Talk and stopped direct debits just check to make sure the bastards haven't defaulted your credit rating. They did that with us despite having an ongoing dispute with them and it took ages to get it removed from my credit file and we were moving house/going for a new mortgage at the time. They should not be able to do this but apparently it's pretty common when people have disputes with utility providers. I reported them to the ombudsman but got little joy except for an apology, but since I wasn't with them any more it was a pretty hollow victory. They kept billing us too even though we'd left.
  10. Yup, we were with those cnuts for a short while, everything all the others have said.

    I'd rather have Herpes..........

    They're all pretty poor when things go wrong, using these f*cking Punjab call centres is a disgrace, the only time someone who spoke English contacted us was after we f*cked them off, by then it was too late, now we are back with BT.
  11. Ill try that when i have finished reading this hope it works on the retards at Virgin.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Six months free and £50 is not to be sneezed at - feel free to ignore offer if you wish.
  13. Weeks, if not months off the net while those cnuts in f*cking Bombay give you the runaround?

    They are unscrupulous twats........... yes guys, the pain stays.
  14. It is when you have to pay an ** mobile tariff. To get the equivalent mobile phone and tariff as mine you would have to pay £40+ so all in I am better off with * and **.

    ** are a bunch of useless thieving bar stewards as well and I was glad to see the back of them a few years ago.