Statue to Sir Archibald McIndoe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Who? He is the surgeon who gave many fighter pilots and others back their faces after being burned in the War and other conflicts. Great man. Those treated by him formed the Guinea Pig Club as his surgery was piorneering. Just been on South East Today so no linky yet.
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  2. Great programme on TV about him, maybe last year. May already be a thread about him.
  3. Bloody well deserved.
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  4. Aside from the surgical work, he got the patients out and about in East Grinstead, the locals treated them no differently to other wounded, this helped them psychologically. The burns victim in the film 'The battle of Britain' was an original Guinea Pig, a Wellington pilot I think

    I believe the original Guinea Pigs club had a secretary with no hands. so the minutes were short, and a treasurer with no legs, so he couldn't run off with the money. They must have been a tough bunch of men.
  5. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    My old man got his hands and face burnt up when his Stirling went ablaze in 1944. He always spoke of the bloke in hushed and reverend tones. 'Bout time too.
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  6. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    McIndoe was not only a superb surgeon, as his techniques are still used today, but also, and possibly more important, he changed attitudes. People with burns were not seen as horrific creatures, but people needing surgery of an unusual and visually disturbing nature at the time. Some people change the world. McIndoe did.

    (His forceps are also a joy to use.)
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  7. Too add to Chefs post..... many of the pubs in and around East Grinstead took down the mirrors in the bars and shops also so that the "boys" as they were called could enjoy a drink and a walk around town .... some of the rescuers after the bombing of the cinema in E.G were aircrew from the McIndoe wards .
    The Peanut Ward set up by McIndoe was and still is one of the foremost places for treatment of badly burned children
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  8. For some reason I've just remembered Sunny Mann, feisty wife of Jackie Mann who was kidnapped in the Middle East years ago. I think she was one of McIndoe's nurses.
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  9. It wasn't just aircrew that were treated at E.G by McIndoe but the book The Last Enemy by Richard Hillary gives a very good account of his time in the burns unit.
    The good work continues with much the same ethos as in McIndoes day, my father had plastic surgery on his face after falling off his pushbike and removing a large part of his cheek on a kerb .