Statue at ITC Wales, Brecon

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by PotYos, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone explain why the statue at the entrance to Dering Lines in Brecon is pointing with just one finger.

    Why not the (in)famous two or four fingered 'Brecon point'?
  2. Hahaha!!!

    So it wasn't just me who picked up on that. I was disgusted. Surely this needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Hopefully they get him a ridiculously large Suunto watch aswell. About the size of a dinner plate should do it!
  3. I think I remember an article in soldiers about this. It was modelled on L/Cpl Beharry VC.
  4. Makes sense then. The Bloke will have never done Brecon so hasn't got the Brecon hand.
  5. The statue wasn't there when I done Brecon.

    Is the finger pointing towards Sarah Siddons ??

    Thinking about it tho, if that Beharry bloke hasn't done Brecon - what the fcuk is his statue doing there. Bloody annoying eh.

  6. Any photos?
  7. Here's the picture:


    It is not a statue of Beharry, but of an infantryman on a course at Brecon.

    BBC News article

    Beharry's hands were modelled for the hands, other people were used for different bits.
  8. Funny Looking skid-lid
  9. Having served there in the 80's I would have preferred to have seen a bronze of Ian Mackay VC taken from the painting by David Sheperd, given that;

    a) He was a Plt Sgt

    b) He'd done the course!

    (I'm not para reg!!)
  10. Sarah Siddons is THIS fckn way.

    You sure thats Brecon - not enough scrim on the helmet for Brecon. Its more like the Platoon Comd Course at Warminster with a helmet like that, and they point like that. And the pack looks like a Pln Comd pack - fck all in it.

    Tally Ho

  11. Beharry's hands were modelled for the hands, other people were used for different bits.[/quote]

    They used my eyebrows.
  12. I think the statue looks sh!te to be honest.

    For a top Infantry course they could have done better than that. A statue of a guy finishing the 2 miler knackered would be more apt.

  13. It looks like an infantry version of Saturday Night Fever!
  14. I think the statue is a complete pile of dog sh1t. You've got a dirty great mound outside the gate so what do you do? You dig a hole in it and stick the statue in the bottom. Complete and utter Sh1t!

    P.S. He 's pointing in the wrong direction completly for the Siddons....... Could just be an Infantry thing though!
  15. its a flanking attack via the Wheatsheaf and Blooz