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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Marsh_Arabist, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. interesting to see the historical manning at WO1 and Lt Col level.
  2. You guys like watching paint dry, don't you :)
  3. Without the shield of Parliamentary privilege, and, still cognisant of the Blind King's OPSEC concerns, I think we should be told if POLTUHs are included in these figures.

    Any figures provided should include details of those under training at the Green Chrysalis activity. BTW. The activity must be credited on its recent OFSTED report.
  4. An interesting set of figures, so thank you for publicising them!

    Some of the figures are so strange that I wonder about their accuracy (why do actual figures for private soldiers fluctuate so much?) but one thing jumps out at me: the chances of reaching WO1 are about 1 in 12 which must be better odds than most other Corps.


    Edited to add: I reckon they are soldiers who fail to pass their trade exams....
  5. Is there a need to get some of those LCpls promoted? Anecdotally and from historic memory first tour LCpls are the most unhappy with their lot mid-tour. Is the large number a buffer to absorb PVR or is it a glut brought about by over-recruiting with an eye to heavy deployment schedules? Discuss.
  6. BA, it's primarily down to FAS.

    Litotes... i question your statistical analysis. i would postulate that there is a degree of stability in those at WO1, and many will appear in that table year after year. i think the turnover at LCpl is far higher than the turnover at WO1, so merely dividing one number by the other is far from being a sound calculation.

    if you take your logic... the numbers of subalterns and Lt Cols in the corps has remained roughly equal over the years. that doesn't mean every 2Lt and Lt will make Lt Col, does it?
  7. I've worked on the number of WO2's to the number of WO1's. However, even that is flawed as we have one figure for both light and dark sides and by admission we have too many WO2 and WO1.

    How may WO2 to WO1's were there last year? 12?

    You need to have an idea of how may WO1 will commision / retire this year and an idea of how may WO2's will be on the board. It is far more accurate to say that if you stay in and keep your reports good, you should make WO2 within the Corps. WO2 to WO1 is a viscious dog eat dog fight...

    It's also compounded now with VEng. Promotion times will likely extend slightly with the increase to a 24 year (for the majority) career.
  8. It made perfect sense when I composed the message, CR....

    You are quite right; the turnover at LCpl and Lt will be much higher.

    Er, can I 'phone a friend? :D

  9. If I may discuss these two points: firstly I don't think dog eat dog fight is remotely accurate regarding promotion from WO2 to WO1; it is much a much more selective process deciding to put round pegs in round holes (or square pegs in square holes, I don't wish to be geometrist!) and not every WO2 fits some of the holes, many might be technically excellent but have no leadership qualities for example, so wouldn't be selected for the RSM posts.

    Secondly, VEng and longer periods between promotion. Well the Corps goes through peaks and troughs of this, I can remember some Sgts to SSgts only taking 2 to three years, but then four years later when I promoted to WO2 calculated the gap for Sgt to SSgt to have increased to four to five years. Obviously WO2 to WO1 could be the biggie, I have known WO2s with only 11 or 12 years service not getting their WO1 until the 18 to 19 year point. Time bars will always fluctuate.

    I am surprised Ad Astra hasn't leapt upon this thread to prove his theories about creating jobs for Lt Cols! Which in turn creates jobs as RSMs and CSMs!!!
  10. Were it only so, but for the travails of an aging, and frequently misunderstood, Imagery Analyst. It seems that the initial reporting by an expereinced analyst such as yourself, now only needs to be reviewed using existing, well developed, change detection techniques.

    Some short-sighted individuals will continue to try and compare apples with pears.

    A Warrant Officer after 12 years.......I rest my case

    Further self-approbation for failing to get in first with the "AGC beret-no one will notice" line. Curse you Ironrations :evil:
  11. beats still being a 49 year old corporal, eh mucker? ;)

    you can't beat the RAF for slow promotion. about as likely to get promoted as they are to ask for a posting outside Lincolnshire...
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. So thats where it all fell down for me! I see now, I joined the Army but my CR's were handled by the RAF!

  14. Did I tell you about the RAF Sergeant who met me on my arrival on posting to an RAF Station on the fringe of the Fens? I was 22 and a recently qualified Image Analyst (oh alright, photographic interpreter) and newly promoted to Sergeant; he had been promoted to Sergeant the week before I was born :cry: .

    Thank you CR for letting me get that in. :wink: