Statistics for Iraq until 17th Dec 06

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    This makes interesting reading;

    2,947 US Soldiers Killed, 22,229 Wounded, 140,000 Remain in Iraq
    For your quick reading, I've listed key statistics about the Iraq War, taken primarily from data analyzed by various think tanks, including The Brookings Institution's Iraq Index, and from mainstream media sources. Data is presented as of December 17, 2006, except as indicated.


    Spent & Approved War-Spending - $505 billion of US taxpayers' funds, including $70 billion more approved by the Republican-led Congress and signed by the President in Sept 2006 for Iraq & Afghanistan

    Lost & Unaccounted for in Iraq - $9 billion of US taxpayers' money and $549.7 milion in spare parts shipped in 2004 to US contractors

    Halliburton Overcharges Classified by the Pentagon as Unreasonable and Unsupported - $1.4 billion


    Coalition Troops in Iraq (last updated by US as of Oct 2006) - Total 158,000, including 140,000 from the US, 7,200 from the UK, and 10,800 from all other nations (other than Iraq). Italy pulled out all its tropps by Dec 2, 2006.

    US Troop Casualities - 2,947 US troops; 98% male. 90% non-officers; 78% active duty, 14% National Guard; 74% Caucasian, 10% African-American, 11% Latino. 20% killed by non-hostile causes. 53% of US casualties were under 25 years old. 68% were from the US Army

    Non-US Troop Casualties - Total 247, with 126 from the UK

    US Troops Wounded - 22,229, 20% of which are serious brain or spinal injuries (total excludes psychological injuries)

    US Troops with Serious Mental Health Problems 30% of US troops develop serious mental health problems within 3 to 4 months of returning home

    US Military Helicopters Downed in Iraq - 54 total, 27 by enemy fire


    Private Contractors in Iraq, Working in Support of US Army Troops - 84,105 (NOTE - The US has not updated this count since Oct 2005)

    Journalists killed - 77, 41 by murder and 36 by acts of war

    Journalists killed by US Forces - 14

    Iraqi Military and Police Casualties - 5,871

    Iraqi Civilians Killed, Estimated - A UN issued report dated Sept 20, 2006 stating that Iraqi civilian casualities have been significantly under-reported. Casualties are reported at 50,000 to over 100,000, but may be much higher. Some informed estimates place Iraqi civilian casualities at over 600,000.

    Iraqi Insurgents Killed, Roughly Estimated - 55,000

    Non-Iraqi Contractors and Civilian Workers Killed - 449

    Non-Iraqi Kidnapped - 298, including 54 killed, 147 released, 4 escaped, 6 rescued and 87 status unknown.

    Daily Insurgent Attacks, Feb 2004 - 14

    Daily Insurgent Attacks, July 2005 - 70

    Daily Insurgent Attacks, Nov 2006 - 180

    Daily Insurgent Attacks, Dec 2006 - 185

    Estimated Insurgency Strength, Nov 2003 - 15,000

    Estimated Insurgency Strength, Sept 2006 - 20,000+


    Iraqi Unemployment Rate - 27 to 60%, where curfew not in effect

    Consumer Price Inflation in 2005 - 20%

    Iraqi Children Suffering from Chronic Malnutrition - 25% in May 2006

    Iraqis Displaced by Iraq War, as of Nov 2006 - 650,000

    Percent of professionals who have left Iraq since 2003 - 40%

    Iraqi Physicians Before 2003 Invasion - 34,000

    Iraqi Physicians Who Have Left Iraq Since 2005 Invasion - 12,000

    Iraqi Physicians Murdered Since 2003 Invasion - 2,000

    Average Daily Hours Iraqi Homes Have Electricity - 10.1

    Average Daily Hours Baghdad Homes Have Electricity - 7.3

    Number of Iraqi Homes Connected to Sewer Systems - 37%

    Percentage of Iraqi Homes with Access to Piped Water - 78%

    Water Treatment Plants Rehabilitated - 22%

    RESULTS OF POLL Taken in Iraq in August 2005 by the British Ministry of Defense (Source: Brookings Institute)

    Iraqis "strongly opposed to presence of coalition troops - 82%

    Iraqis who believe Coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in security - less than 1%

    Iraqis who feel less ecure because of the occupation - 67%

    Iraqis who do not have confidence in multi-national forces - 72%

    Even tho the figures are mainly about the US,The number of casualties is staggering.Especially the 9 BILLION Dollars that have gone missing!
    Now the next link might be for the 'stop the war' muppets

    but there is one link to this story;

    Which is about the death of LCpl Alan Douglas last January & links to a report that the British Forces is loosing 10000 people per month.

    According to the polls.61% of the British Public want (at the time of the poll) the troops out of Iraq & likewise 57% of Americans.

    Anyway,I for one will be raising a glass in Honour of our Fallen Comrades on New Years Eve.I hope you will all join me in doing so.
  2. 74% Caucasian... It is an interesting number.
  3. quite intresting!
  4. You really put some work into this.

    Are you watching the "War in Iraq" thread? This would fit well there.

    I'm intrigued because the thread "Afghan Fighting - latest reports" gets a lot of posters, and a lot of traffic, while the other gets lots of traffic, but few posters.

    What is it about Iraq?
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I just came across the article the other day while miss spike & I were talking after the last lad was killed.I just was looking up some facts to get my ducks lined up for the missus.(you know how fussy women are...)
    But is Iraq becoming the 'forgotten war?'I suppose with Iraq being a mainly US war whereas the Stan mainly British, the focus has shifted somewhat.
  6. Iraqi military/police deaths is actually 12,000. Puts the lie to the argument that the Iraqi's arent fighting.
  7. Yes, it's the only number less than 100 which is divisible only by 1, 2, 37 and itself.