Stationary. Pens for nirex etc

Got to stock up on stationary for an upcoming nco cadre. Got a couple of nirex folders so I'm after the best pen for writing on them. I'm sure a write for all pen would do the job but I've also heard something called "chinograph" mentioned?

Also any other stationary anyone would recommend. I've got the usual pens, markers, pencils and highlighters but is there any obscure thing that anyone found useful. Sorry for the bone question but thanks for any help.

Chinograph pencils are good but sometimes hard to get hold of,try hm supplies!!use fine lumocolor permanent markers,about £6 for 4 diff colours..but you will need some alcohol wipes or meths to wipe it off!

Lumocolors (as spelt on pen) permanent ('permy') and non-permy, assorted tip sizes, small geography set could be handy.

BTW...'ary' is static, 'ery' is Envelopes etc..

P.S. not Red, Yellow or Orange, they leach into the plastic.
Don't use chinographs, if your nirex is in your pocket and it gets all hot and sweaty, so will the chinograph. Non-permy pens, the same, all they will do is smudge off. Use permanent and get some of those little round wipes from Boots, they smell of peach and come in a little light blue tub, I think they are for tarts to remove their nail polish
HM supplies and a few other kit stores (and online) will also sell NATO map symbol stencils. These can be useful if you are not in a rush and your work needs to be neat and legible.
If you run out of alcohol wipes a dab of fag ash and spit does the job in an emergency.
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