Static Off The Trolley!



Why is it that you get static electric shocks off supermarket trolleys?
Some shops are worse than others.
I know that there is a lot of electric being used in these places and maybe the electrical magnetic field is the culprit.

Any sparks out there?
You dont get the shock OFF the trolley. Its the static going from you to earth.
It's probably that bolt through your neck picking it up, Frankie. :lol:

If you stop rubbing the balloon against your wooly jumper, the shocks will stop.

Another way to stop the shocks is to eat take-aways.
Another tip is to hold a finger about 1mm from your wife's earlobe while you reach for the trolley with the other hand. It doesn't stop the shocks, but it makes it more amusing. (And yes, I do speak from experience).

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