Static LIne Trained Personnel

Someone emailed us earlier today about placing an advert on the site for static line trained personnel willing to do a civvy jump. Unfortunately I accidentally permanently deleted the email!! DOH

If whoever it was wants to email me back I'll try and be more careful this time!

I'm sure that you'll find many willing volunteers on here!
I can't remember the full details as I thought it was spam. As the delete was underway I was desperately trying to stop it.... not successfully!
I think one of the FANYs did that in Normandy for the commemoration thingy
count me in.
come_to_arrest_the_zulus said:
Poppy said:
I think one of the FANYs did that in Normandy for the commemoration thingy
sorry poppy I was just fantasising, I have no idea what the details are
Oh - I won't bother asking if she wants to repeat for charity then?
You haven't met her have you????????

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Where, when and why? I seem to remember that I started my parachuting career back in the early 90s with 6 static line decents and I've jumped from a DC3 before so I could be interested..... never jumped a round before so that might be novel :)
Any update on this Bad CO?
Poppy said:
Any update on this Bad CO?
Yes - I've managed to get in touch with the chap who sent me the original email. It is likely that there will be more details available in the new year. Watch this space!
Ok there is obviously some interest in this.....

There is a possibility that a large number of people may be required at some point next year to take part in a drop. It is planned to use WW2 lookalike aircraft, static line chutes and take place on the continent. Only military static line trained personnel will be used (insurance, blah). I have no other details except to say that it is far from being definite. The chap who is organising this wishes to use ARRSE to reach as many trained personnel as possible and we are obviously willing to help (for a slight donation!!). He will have more information in Jan/Feb and will be updating us then.

In the meantime - place your names on this thread ..... and WAIT OUT!

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