Statesman or Leader ?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on hearing about the deaths of HIS troops - flew out to Afganistan immediately. Solidarity and strength

Well done Sir.

Thats as well as trying to push for peace in Georgia at the same time.

Broon is on his holidays.
Bravo Sarkozy!!!

Isn't this the first time a coalition leader has put his own boots on the ground, in direct response to his people getting killed?
What is Sarkozy's approval rating in France? Just the cynic in me assumes all politicos are as low as ours are.
Salut! (or whatever it is)

Can we arrange for an exchange trip? Brown and his missus go to France for a year, and we get Sarkozy and his missus. I'll throw in a few bob for the coach fare!
Sarkozy is president, this means he has lashings of time for elan politics. Meanwhile back at the ranch the poor prime minister is paddling like feck to keep up! Vive la (diffe)France!
Personally given the opportunity I would spend more time with Madame Sarkozy

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