Statement to parliament: Foreign Secretary Statement to Parliament on Syria

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 6, 2013.

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  2. Oh good. So, in short, the British taxpayer is once again going to pave the way for the next Islamist regime.
  3. The thick bastards. They are concerned about jihadist extremism, yet they are giving millions in equipment and monetary funds to a bunch of rag tag forces opposed to the Syrian government, who if they will will probably encourage the country to become extremist.Why don't these people ever learn?
  4. It is a weird one one but simplistically it looks to be a case of:

    Assad, good old democratic dictator - stable country, not much of a threat to Israel or the area as a whole, non muslims not persecuted, etc.

    Or a bunch of nutters and jihadists - very unstable country one would have to be stupid to think that if the oust Assad they will all work together for the greater good of Syria, its people and the region. Call for the destruction of Israel and probably de-stabilize the region, non muslims left in peace just like Iraq/Libya, Egypt?

  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    There isn't a right answer to Syria. However, a Syria mired in civil war:

    -- Leaves Iran more isolated
    -- Reduces Syrian interference in Lebanon
    -- Reduces the chances of Syria arming anti-Israeli groups and hence giving moderate Palestinians to have a dialogue with moderate Israeli's.
    -- Will be more concerned with rebuilding after the war than exporting Islamic militancy to neighbouring countries.

    So brutal as it is, there are a lot of plusses for external countries in this civil war.

    (Although it must be hell for the bulk of the Syrian civilians who just want to get on with their lives).

  6. Well, as was first recorded on Arrse, if call me Dave, isn't going to get his war by one way, mission creep will do just as well.
  7. Am I alone in wondering if we are backing the right side?
  8. There is a right answer. Let them sort their own crap out. Hopefully they will fight each other into the stone age and we won't have to worry or bother with them for a long while.
  9. Mr Hague your colleagues at SW1A 0AA, say our coffers are in a sorry state, our Armed Forces, the NHS etc etc have to make budget savings, now you are going to give millions of pounds of equipment, to Syrian rebels.

    Mr Hague our money should be in our coffers and spent for the benefit of the citizens of this sceptered isle.
  10. Ha, we can live in hope. The Rebels would turn them down as not being fit for purpose!
  11. These people that we are giving the millions to are now holding UN observers

    BBC News - Syria rebels 'hold' UN Golan team

    I wonder if our leadership will now have a think about what and who they are helping. I doubt it.