Statement to Parliament: Afghanistan progress report: March 2013

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 24, 2013.

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  2. Yes, it's just like Islington now and it will continue to improve year by year until it's like Scandinavia only with more AKs.
  3. The Afghan National Security Forces are progressing well. 21 out of 26 Brigades are now operating either independently, or with ISAF only in an advisory role. ISAF forces continue work to build and train the key military enabling capabilities that the ANSF need to operate. By way of example, the Afghan Air Force achieved a major milestone in their Combined Strategic Flight Plan, with the first combined training exercise including multiple aircraft and supporting capabilities.

    I was going to try and make a witty comment about this bit but I suspect the whole shebang will collapse like a house of cards in a strong wind once NATO pull out.

    Those who have the cash will bugger of out of the place leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. Most of the kit will be flogged off to the Taliban and the ANA barracks and defense posts will be littered with discarded uniforms while thousands of "ex-ANA" will declare that they really supported Terry T all the time...

  4. For heavens sakes, even "Stars And Stripes" has a more realistic view than that uttered in the House. Last week they ran a full page article with Kabulis, all of whom are shiters and all of whom have been shipping wealth, family and just about every movable asset out of Afghanistan. My former 'terps, with whom I keep in touch, are really, really, concerned as to their futures. Notwithstanding the difficulty of movement, I half expect to open the garden shed when I get home and to be greeted with a chorus of "salaam" from within. My confident presdiction is that it will all get very messy, very quickly: the only question in my mind is will the Taliban let the IC get the hell out of Dodge before they really go for it?
  5. What presence will be left after the major pull out?

    I suppose its a double edged sword:
    - leave the ASF high and dry and they could collapse
    - continue to have major contribution and you dealing with casualties and public opinion
    - just do the mentoring and you have force protection issues

    I firmly believe ISAF should continue to contribute in a meaningful way in the medium term:
    - training & education of the ASF
    - mentoring at brigade HQ level and higher
    - ISTAR and SF ops
    - CSS ops maybe (also supporting CIMIC)
    - a surge capability to support the ASF (maybe 3/4 brigades able to engage if the ASF needs help)

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  6. Schaden

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    Jeebuz talk about delusional and off with the fairies..