Statement of results - Are they ok to use?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Raz0rr, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, been looking around this site for a while and noticed you help alot of people in need and well - I'm in need!

    I haven't been able to find my GCSE results and I was told on my previous interview with my recruiter to bring/find/reapply for my GCSE Certificates for my interview with my officer (as I have applied to be an Installation technician), however I can not find them anywhere and my last option will be to pay for new ones. However I have found my GCSE Statement of results, which has all the valid information on - I was wondering if it is OK to use these or would I be required to get the certificates still??

    Thanks for your time.
  2. A lot of my results were on statements instead of the actual certificates, and they seem to have been sufficient. My careers adviser hasn't mentioned anything about them.
  3. Im in the same predicament myself, I haven't even got my statement. Looks like im going to have pay for new copies.
  4. Statement of results are fine. It doesnt/shouldnt cost you anything at all.
    I got mine from my school a couple of weeks ago and I have been out of school for 22 years!!!!
  5. I would think its fine as I ended up using a wage slip for my NI because I'm not sure where my NI card is.
  6. I have lost all of my GCSE and A level certs, I contacted my school who said I needed to pay the exam board for a statement of results. Obtained my candidate and centre number from the school and have had to pay £34.50 per exam session for a statement of results. They will only issue replacement certificates in case of a fire/theft/flood/insert disaster and you have to provide proof of an insurance claim to back it up.
  7. I rang my school and they sent it straight out, must be a school or a council thing then
  8. Nooo, i had to take my actual certificates down last week, they were trying to process my stuff + they said they needed the real deal.
  9. Have used statement of results on a number of occasions
  10. And what if your actual certificates get lost? You can't get replacements unless you can prove the originals were stolen or destroyed so a statement of results is the only alternative.
  11. I used a statement of results - got it on headed notepaper from my school office and had the chief clerk stamp and sign it. Didn't even have to go to the exam board for it and was accepted with no problem.

    What school you went to might have an effect on whether they'll accept it though (discriminatory though it is). A letter from Eton might carry more weight than East Widnes Comp...
  12. they neva actually asked for myn for some reason dunno why i had my 1st interview then 2nd 1 with officer next day neva wanted 2 see myn im going infantry dunno weather that makes a diff i told them i only got E, E, F in my school cos i was on a temp programme wish i had learnt well now but infantry all way
  13. Quals are not needed for Infantry so kind of pointless to ask for them, however the system is about to change.
  14. statements of results are fine, i was worried when i took them in, i said "are statements ok, i dont have certificates" he said no, then i got them out and he was fine about them, i also checked the awarding bodies websites, statements are enough in any case to use
  15. Orite nice one. After my interview on Friday its off to scotland woo lol. How long after do you guys think it will be?