State schools not good enough for son of Milliband

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rickshaw-major, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. It's a C of E primary school FFS! It's not Eaton!

    Personally, seeing as it's Camden, would you want your brat in a class full of wannabe jihadists?
  2. OUTRAGE!!!

    Get a grip.
  3. Shock, horror, kid gets sent to school
  4. I was going to suggest that the kid has no control over who his parents are, that he should get an even break etc. Then it occurred to me that this is a Milliband and the genes seem to be pretty robust. I think therefore that the child should be sent to a "sink" inner city school with his father's identity blazoned on his little Lord Fauntleroy suit.

    It seems harsh I know but in the long run it is the kindest possible thing, given the circumstances.
  5. Did you read the article?
    The sons are both adopted.
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It is a state school. It just happens to be a faith based school as well. The 'controversy' is that Milliband is an Atheist, although as the article admits the child's mother is an active member of the affiliated church.

    Not a fan of Mr Milliband or his politics, but I think this non-story was filed by that most stakhovinite of journalists, 'Phil Space'.
  7. No. So what. Cnut yourself...internet hardman is it?
  8. No i wouldnt, the trouble is , he doesnt mind if yours is.
  9. Nice to know you have no opinion on the subject, or were you merely blinded by the hard-on of rage and the chance to be a gobsh!te towards someone who obviously was addressing the issue from a humorous approach?

    Cuddles may indeed be a ‘cnut’, but a least a ‘cnut’ is useful.

    Jog on sunshine, I’m sure there’s an outrage bus somewhere on the interweb with a seat just for you,,,
  10. The shock, horror, is that the kid is going to a selective school, while his father is in a political party that claims selective schools are a bad thing. Just more duplicity and hypocrisy.
  11. Good point, well put, and his doing so would save me £30K a term for turning my little sh!t into a wykhamist!
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Why does everyone labour under the assumption that a state education is inherently inadequate? I have listened before to some of the chattering classes talk about not wanting to 'sacrifice their child's future for their ideals'. What an utter load of tripe. I went to a 'bog standard' comprehensive state school and enjoyed it there and did well enough to be able to take two of my O'Levels a year early. And I was no where near the clever end of the top set.

    I've nothing against private education. If you really want to spend thousands of pounds after you've already paid your taxes for your child's education. Crack on, it means smaller class sizes for the rest of us (a point which always made me wonder why those on the left are so hostile to private schools). My kids will trot off to their local comprehensive and dutifully attend to their schoolwork or get a thick ear from me!
  13. It isn't a private school, it is a selective school in the state sector.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, I know and in fact pointed that out in my first post on this thread. My last post was just a general comment.