State Powers to enter the family home

I list below, purely for information, some independent and Home Office data which reveals the nature and the extent to which the state may exercise powers to enter and violate the sanctity of the family home.

Whether the nature and extent of such powers have any place in our democracy or are more in keeping with that which existed in Eastern Europe during the Brezniev era, I leave to others to judge for themselves.

An independent report by ‘Big Brother Watch into the numbers of Local Authority Officials who may enter the home or workplace without first seeking leave of the court by way of a magistrates warrant.

Home Office data as at October 22007

Primary Legislation

Primary Legislation containing powers of entry and Department of State responsible

Powers of entry onto premises under Primary Legislation

Powers of entry under Primary Legislation for which notice must be given

Subordinate Legislation

List of Subordinate Legislation containing of entry and Government Department responsible

Powers of entry under subordinate legislation

Powers of entry under Subordinate Legislation for which notice must be given

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