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State pension age to rise to 68


A gradual rise in the state pension age to 68 has been put forward as part of a major proposed shake-up of UK pensions.
In return, the basic state pension would be increased and rise in line with earnings rather than inflation.

In its report the Pensions Commission also proposes a National Pension Savings Scheme, which many workers would be automatically enrolled into.

The report has triggered a political row over who caused the pensions crisis and whether the reforms are affordable.

Pensions Secretary John Hutton said the government's response would be based on five tests: "Do the proposals promote personal responsibility; are they fair; are they affordable; do they simplify the system; are they sustainable
Brilliant :roll: Small business takes yet another kick in the grollies.
And no doubt that Grasping Gordon will still continue to rob private pensions (how much has he stolen so far, >£5Bn?) to pay for some of this as well...

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