State of the Union Address

For all those up late , or working on finishing projects ( 8) , or simply, those interested in knowing where we're going to be fighting next year 8O

Kick off at 21.01 Washington time , so that's 02.00 in Old Europe money.

Full coverage on BBC24 , C4 possibly and definitely on

Early indications are Bush 43 will lead on domestic issues.

What can you expect in this year's speech?

The President will speak about the actions we have taken over the course of last year and the path we're on of assuring that the country and our world is a safer, more peaceful place to live.

There's been a lot of change on the international front because of the actions that are being taken and the President is going to talk about why that change is for the better and is making our world more safe.

There are a lot of changes here at home and we are an economy that's transitioning into the 21st century, coming out of an economic recession.

The President will also speak to the fact that there are some things that don't change in our country, and it's some of those things that make our country strong and gives the character of our country, whether it be the strength of our families, the strength of our schools and the strength of our faith-based institutions.

It's a speech that will talk at length about the big issues of the day that have important historical context, and the trajectory we are on as a country is one to which there is more peaceful and prosperous country and world

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