State of the UK today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    bring back hanging, i say.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Hanging ? That's a bit extreme !

    How about a chainsaw enema ? Or a bell-end rubdown with WP ?

    Ok, maybe those are the extreme examples, but if they catch the scrote who did this, he's sure get a comensurate punishment, perhaps three days community service - suspended for a week. Don't you just love British "justice" ?

    As a point for thought, is the time is coming when scrotes need to be punished by their communities ? Laws are after all a set of rules designed so that people can live in harmony. So when the scrote-apologists say 'you shouldn't take the law into your own hands' they've not thought the comment through, the law is, and should always be in the hands of a country's citizens.

    Discuss ?

    (Dammit ! That's just put the Thought Police onto me ) :lol:
  4. Couldn't agree more.
    I can seriously envisage such a time coming. The only reason I would report being a victim of a crime such as robbery/theft/assault to the Police would be to get a crimebook number for an insurance claim. Any retribution on the offender I'd handle myself.

    Any copper who knows who the attacker of the blind bloke is fancy a bit of collusion? :twisted:

    Ooops, Thought Police will be after me now :wink:
  5. so would you advocate community punnishment al Belfast eg Knee Capping because of a complaint to your local friendly paramilitaries or you in some way offend one of the local hardmen.
    No due process, no appeals no checks and balances no redress if they get it wrong.
    The system sucks but then its designed by lawyers for lawyers to make money and to impose their view of the world. I think if the scrote is caught he should go to prison but prison should be punnishment not a holiday camp.