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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bernster, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. I have been out spoken on this site and said some cockish things, especially late and after a few beers. But I have just read a news story that makes me wonder where we are going as a country, which followed another a story I read yesterday.
    Firstly, as most who have followed anything I have written know I served eight years as a soldier and twenty six years as a copper. Joining the Army at 16, and except for a short gap carried arms from 1977 to 2011, longer than many posters on this site have been alive.
    Story one, concerned a pair of violent and known gang members in London who had a dust up in which one was killed (boohoo) but the other in spite of having a knife (illegal) the killer, was let off as under common law he was acting in self defence. Now we are led to believe the killer was a reformed gang member, but unless I am missing something reformed gang members don't carry knives.
    The second concerns a copper who has just been cleared of death by careless driving, having consumed six pints (minimum) and been convicted of drink driving over the same incident. I know there are some anomalies in the laws of the land but surely both of these people need to be locked up or what's the point.
  2. Right...
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  3. Whether or not you think the OP is talking pish, your post is shit and should not be in CA.
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  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The first was the Gangstas on Oxford Street last Christmas, yes? I do not have the details, but from the little I know, the stabber ran from trouble, was followed and defended himself. As came out in Court. I am sure somebody will link to the Daily Mail, but that is my understanding.

    The second? I dunno. And the fact that he was a copper is not relevant. Where I live, complete c8nts kill people whilst pissed and walk away with less bird than ordinary decent criminals. It's shite, but there it is.

    Whats the point? The point is I still live in a better place than 95% of the human race. I live in England. It aint perfect but it'll do me.
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  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    To be honest, I find it more disturbing that I just walked past a trio of spotty white youths dressed as black men, doing what I believe to called 'beatboxing.'

    A common enough sight in places like Peckham I'm sure, but this is Penrith.

    The image of these three fuckwits doing their best doctor dre impression next to a Massey Ferguson tractor, is one that highlights the state of the nation and youth of today more than any other.

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  6. Not so sure about that. May I remind you that England is the only country in the world that has unguarded land borders with both Scotland and Wales.
  7. Just this once, ok?
  8. Fear not, old salty one. We have plans.
    Failte gu Alba......
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Did we not beat them like ginger step-sons a while back? I am sure we did. A wise man kicks his dog once. But he kicks it hard.
  10. But back on thread.... i agree our court systems, north or south of the border, are in a dire state, weighted far more in favour of the criminal and miscreant. Leaving aside some decidedly wierd judgements the actual process, the length of time taken , the opportunities for shilly-shallying and delay all play into the hands of the bad boys. Justice Delayed is Justice denied the old saying goes and its right. All this minor street crime, drunkenness and similar should lead to a night in the cells and an appearance in front of some grumpy old bastard with gout at 08.30 next morning and a couple of weeks, months whatever, on hard labour on a diet of some tasteless but nourishing lentil soup.
  11. Perhaps I could remind your Grace that last time round every town in Northumberland bar the new Castle declared for the Stuart cause and against the Hanoverian upstarts ?
  12. Hehe. Now then, at least those Yoof likely didn't choose to be there. In Penrith. At 22.37. In November. Just mekkin' 't best 'o 'it. Trying to act all London, like. Obviously too spotty to attract any Mot. Think yersel lucky yer dint get a good paggerin.

    You chose the place hehe. Perhaps try gaan up t' 66 ter Nobagob; carry on a bit futher and yall git t' Wukitn or Maryport. Fuckin jameaters. Mek Penrith look metropolitan.
  13. Yes England has gone downhill in many ways over the years, but I thank God I was born there and not in Afghan. For those of you who have served in Afghan surely you must feel the same way as me, England in comparison is heaven. In fact in comparison to the Whole of Asia, Africa, South America it's heaven.
  14. Was it these ne'er do wells ?

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  15. You are David Starkey and I claim my fiver. You are also right.