state of the nation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Have not read any of his books IIRC, but looks like I'll have to start.

    What an article, is the entire book, The Light's On At Signpost like this?
  2. Yet another man living out a fantasy of a country that never existed, and whose often-quoted 'virtues' frequently came at a terrible price.
  3. id start with quartered safe out here , a first hand account of his experiances as a young infantryman with the 14th army fighting the japanese in burma .
  4. 'State of the Nation'.

    On Monday morning we are informed that the chief executives of the biggest banks are 'summoned' to the Treasury to be grilled by:

    Alistair Darling,
    Mr. Mandelson (quelle surprise!),
    Ms Shiti 'The Shriek' Vadera, and some anonymous place-man named
    Mr. Myners.

    Darling was elected to Parliament. The other three apart from being disgraced; desperately unpopular, ill-tempered, fond of playing the 'race-card' and useless; and anonymous are appointed to the risible House of Lords.

    What right have the three last named to question the Chief Executive of my bank - HSBC? What right have these unelected persons to 'summon' anyone?

    The state of this country is dire and all four above named are responsible in no small way.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I can certainly equate with that article and its point of view as they are mine also.

    That article should be handed to every child entering secondary eduction and the book should me mandatory reading.

    It should also be sent to every prospective MP inviting them to point out where they think GMF is wrong. That should help you decide on where to put your X.
  6. No there near was a perfect era but that does not mean that standards of decency and the like haven't fallen they have.

    Change for better in the wider society, is not striving to encourage, better standards of decency and politeness, respect for the law both for and by the individual and greater society.

    Respect for family values, how ever that family is made up the core is good parents encourages stable family environments.

    Politics and education, encourage people to contribute to society through both good politics and good education for all be it state or private, and make education about learning the whole not just test passing multiguess skills.

    Sportsmanship we are a sporting nation but we have some of the most petulant and poor competitors within many of our national teams...Money Money Money!

    Religion tolerance mean just that tolerance and all religions...I wish they could do both.

    Meanwhile 'parapauk' continue to hope that labors scorched earth policys will lead us to some paradise...

    missed you ashie and sven yesterday i am sure you could have solved the LGBT thread debate with a wave of the party line :roll:
  7. I was half expecting a rose-tinted account of the past, but the article seemed well balanced and honest. I'm not surprised parapauk didn't like it - it threatens the power that he and his self-interested type hold over us.

    Mr. Fraser's points about freedom are interesting. They had conscription, censorship, direction of labour, rationing and shortages; yet they could say and think what they wanted.

    Nowadays, we - the silent majority - know better than to speak our minds because people like parapauk hold the strings.
  8. ahistorical tw@t
  9. And you got one:

    Always fascinates me, what were these pearls of wisdom that we have now been robbed off? The formula for cold fusion? The truth about the Turin Shroud? People would like you to believe that it's 'controversial' issues like immigration, gay parenting, etc. It isn't. I've lost count of the number of martyrdom articles I've read telling me that I'm we are not allowed a sensible discussion about something when in reality such discussions take place in the media, academia and in private every day.
    They are only about allowing people to bring back the days of brain-dead prejudices under the guise of some sort of free speech crusade.

    No, the neighbourhood nigger got a kicking by the locals after a few pints and a day of being excluded from society. 'We' had no worries about race because 'we' were the one who ruled the roost. Fcuking amazing how few worries you can have when you are the unchallenged rulers.

    No, 'we' didn't, you were either straight, pretending you were straight, or in a psychiatric ward/prison. No options, no worries! It was so easy!

    Again, 'fashionable opinion': an objection to Newton's third law of motion maybe? Spare me...

    Lot of uni students from all over the world paying £12K a year for the privilege of a British education were there then?

    No, because we didn't have the media telling us we would be. It just happened.

    See above.

    I don't even know where to start.

    Again, what are these 'views'?

    Rose tinting 101. Society was made up of individuals then, and is made up of individuals now: some good, some bad, some indifferent.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And you are a singular turd who has contributed nothing.

    Unlike GMF.

  11. Pretty much sums up my own personal opinon.

    Have to agree that us right thinking people are in the majority, but we're being putdown and controlled by an odious, vocal minority. This type of thing would lead to revolution anywhere else, but the British population are to timid and sheep like for it to ever happen.
  12. That's right MSR, keep humming 'Jerusalem' and thinking of the Queen Mother. The nurse will be along to make it alright soon...
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    You're to be commended on your computer-literacy. 84 is a good age to still be posting on web forums.

    Hang on, you were born in 1925 and lived through all of the decline that GMF saw, right? Or are you just bumping your gums about something you have no first hand knowledge of. Again.
  14. I've lived enough and travelled enough to know that the utopia he describes doesn't exist. Unless humans have had a complete genetic rewiring over the last 84 years in never did.

    The basis of the Judaic-Christian religions is the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and everything that followed is a tale of the aftermath. Modern social history for many takes the same path.