State of the AMS!

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dui-lai, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. After much deliberation I decided to put this topic up to gauge the opinion of the masses. For many months I have been getting more and more pi55ed off with the state of the AMS and the lethargy of the Ivory Tower brigade to bring about some change for the better. :cry:

    Since 1995 after DCS 15 things have got steadily worse. I thought after DCS 15 that it couldn’t get worse but oh, how wrong I was! Just when I thought the AMS couldn’t get any shiiter, bang! It takes us to new lows! Now after Telic it seems we are being lined up to be replaced by the TA! Well there go my plans to join the TA especially if it means more bloody tours. :x

    So why all the bitterness? Work in an MDHU! I am a soldier (OK, very loose term here being used!) but I get ordered about by civvies and asked by the hierarchy to grin and bear it. Get treated like a second class citizen by the damn civ population of the MDHU.

    Roll on that day I leave.

    Well that has made me feel better!
  2. Come on you Fickers, vote!
  3. not looking too good for the AMS at the moment then!!
  4. Come on, own up, who voted 'pretty good'?

    Obviously no idea. . . . . .
  5. Somebody with a very sick sense of humour or a senior Officer from the Ivory tower :roll:
  6. Almost certainly they aren't in the AMS. Either that or they are severely intellectually challenged.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    How do we improve the AMS?

    Go back to BMH's? To expensive.

    Go back to Fd Amb's? Lost all the expertise and now over stretched.

    Get CMT's paramedic status? (Never going to happen whilst Clinical Governance is in the market place!)

    Sort out TA CMT training, when a civilian practicing paramedic cannot do a medical cover as he is an Army CMT- they need RGN's.

    Commission the top 4 or 5 RSM's every commissioning board from the AMS?
  8. I'll own up - I voted pretty good.
    But from POV they are giving me my cadetship, so for me they are pretty good. Only 1 year before my illusions are brutally shattered when I go out into the real world. :(
  10. Why were you imagining some bitter and twisted NCO?
    Yes I'm one of those poor deluded fools tempted by the promise of instant riches to join the RAMC. Still by the time I leave it will all be the Defence Medical Services with a hideous purple beret and strange cap badge, staffed entirely by compulsory mobilisation of TA, with a few regulars to do staff jobs and constantly come up with new acronyms.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Welcome to the AMS- do good things!
  12. Pot kettle honey. :?
  13. Recruiting is good (less RGNs), retention is improving (PVR rates are down). Field clinical equipment is not far off state of the art, so all in all not too bad in my view.

    But if I remove the rose tinted gregorys, there are problems, most of them are tribal jealousies (MO vs MSO, CMT vs RGN etc).

    We should remember we are all on the same side!
  14. OI you. I'm not 12 anymore.
  15. Not just the RGNs that are having recruiting problems, believe me!