State of Emergency: ARRC Exercise Noble Ledger


Seems an interesting dry run of a nato/eu army and all seems well with orders and info flowing to and from a central location but my worry is about groups in the field running up against the language barrier "While the ARRC is 60 per cent British, it also has 15 partner nations". If you have people from this many countries with different languages trying to communicate with each other without relaying it back, your going to start having problems.

My other concern is that we are ponying up 60% of the manpower. Seems rather ridiculous to have one nation out of 16 contributing so much when comparable countries such as France and Germany are only providing a fraction of that. I cant imagine that joe public will be thrilled if the ARRC takes a major beating in some Balkans shithole and the majority are 'our boys' 'our hero's ' etc. The sun/mail will have a bloody field day.

It might sound like i have a downer on this plan but far far from it. I am all for this integration between nations with common goals/interests. This just seems rather lopsided at the moment.
Gentlemen, NRF is a task we have held on rotation for many years - this is not new nor is it leaning towards an EU Army. It is a standard role fulfilled by ARRC along with the 6 odd so other HRF(L) HQ in Europe (if they are still called that). Personally I think its a little big and unweildy and panders to the whims of the supporting nation, that said, The UK takes it very seriously and has resourced and trained for this role with dedication. ARRC is a permanent NATO HQ in the UK - we pony up the manpower as we have signed up to that responsibility and wish to keep that capability. When its not our turn to fulfill NRF be assured that HQs with a hell of a lot less Brits carry the weight. In fact the other HRF(L) hold far less Brits than the ARRC holds of other nationals....arguably we get of lightly.

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