State of Army Gyms / Fitness Suites

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hurryupandwait, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. I have been on a fair few courses this half of the year and it is clear to see that the standard of some Army gyms are terrible when compared to the RAF.

    Colchester, arguably the home of the airborne massive, clearly lacks a brand-new, up to date fitness suite to accommodate the vast number of troops stationed there. Chicksands as well has an ok fitness suite but for a Phase 2 establishment, it could and should be so much better.

    in contrast, the fitness suite at RAF Brize Norton is probably the best fitness suite I have seen in (and out) of the military system. Brand spanking new Technogym treadmill / cycle machines / x-trainers with built in TV / Sky screens and a fantastic 'key' system which allows you to save your running / cycling data onto a main system where you can track how far you have run over a certain period (even over a New York or London Marathon template).

    I have guys in my unit who are members of a civvy gym only 2 miles away from the base, despite having a (free) swimming pool within the barracks as well! Quite simply, it's another example of Army / RAF disparities with regards to welfare. More should be done to improve fitness equipment across the board. What do the other ARRSErs think about this? Are there really good Army gyms and where are they? Would like to hear from PTIs out there and get their views as well.
  2. From what I saw (albeit a very brief view) ATR Lichfield has a nice gym.
  3. How does the Navy size up then?

  4. No wonder, the ginster eating ladyboys couldn't find a gym if they were dumped outside it