State Funeral

State Funeral for last War hero

The last British Veteran of WW1 WILL receive a national memorial service to mark the passing of the wartime generation.If the mans family agrees,there could even be a state funeral,normally reserved for Royals and national political figures.

Well it looks like all our letters to our MPs has paid off.

Full details are expected to be released before the 90th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme in July.
Oh Christ I can just see Scum Blair now, basking in the reflected glory and waffling on about the "peoples soldier".

There is only one reason that the gentleman might receive a state funeral and that is if Blair and his cronies can put some sort of spin on it to cast that useless peice of shit in a good light.

You may have noticed that I do not like Blair or any of his mates.

If I was this man's NOK I would agree such a funeral on condition that no one from Blair mob were in attendance.
Just supposing that the last surviving member of the Great War doesn't want a state funeral but would rather just have a friends and families do, hardly fair on the poor old bugger is it?

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