State Funeral for "The Last Tommy"

Should there be a full state funeral for the last Tommy?

  • Full State Funeral

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  • Memorial Service Only

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  • Full State Funeral and Posthumous Pardons for those "Shot at dawn"

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  • Posthumous pardon now, while the last Tommies are around to see their comrades pardoned

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  • No recognition because I work for the MOD

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Taking up the colours from another thread, how do people feel about having a full state funeral for when the Last Post sounds for the last Tommy? I say YES! Also having heard their comments regarding Shell Shock and the guys shot at dawn, a posthumous pardon while some of the survivors are still alive would show recognition of the sacrifices made by all victims of WW1.
Depends on what he "The last Tommy" wants. He might want to go nice and quiet without fuss. Would be an Insult to go against his wishes
Cpl Ripper has it right if the last Tommy and his folks want a quite family funeral then who are we to go agaisnt it ?

However if the last Tommy is happy to have a state funeral etc then so long as it doesnt become a publicity exersise for Blair then go for it
Found this quote while surfing:

"Most state funerals make one point clear: the family of the deceased agreed to the public honors because so many other citizens in their countries want to join in."

If it is made clear that the State Funeral is a symbolic gesture to ALL the Tommy's I feel sure it would get massive support and may well get the support of those that matter most; the Last Tommy and his family.


The idea of the state funeral should be to mark the passing of a brave and selfless generation. It should be the nations way of saying thank you and farewell to ALL the fallen. I agree that the feelings of the guys themselves are paramount but I'm sure they would go for it as it wouldn't just be about them but the sacrifices they represented. It was quiet moving to hear them describe some of the executed guys as brave. Who are we to continue to condemn them? Maybe one or two were guilty, however, the vast majority were just brave lads who had come to the end of their tether. The true cowards are the war dodging politicians who refuse to pardon them but wear their poppies with "Pride".
If any of the Moderators, etc have any comms with national press, could we not put this proposal forward to them to get the reaction on a greater scale. I agree with all of the above, the final passing will mark an end of an era, a time of great challenge and persaverance. Of course, the families feelings would definately need to be taken into account, but considering the great importance of this sad event, i would hope that they would allow the nation to join them durring their time of mourning as well as celebrating the great triumphs that these forgotten heros faced and overcame.


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I've voted in your poll. I work for the MoD. I hit the first button - should I have pinged the last instead ?

Coincidentally my Telic medal arrived yesterday, 2 years 4 months since I left Iraq as a TA soldier.

I work for the MoD - would you suggest I return it ?

I voted (D) but I really wanted (A) and (D)
Nice idea but can foresee some possible problems. The records from that era are not always reliable -many joined under-age or under false names etc. It would be terrible if we did the honours only for another 'last Tommy' to appear.
Lets have a ceremony but for all from WW1. The Monarch, of course, the Brass etc but No politicians - after all, their breed created the mess in the first place.
I voted for the third option, but I would really like to see the "Shot at Dawns" pardoned now, while some of their contemporaries are still alive.

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