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I'm not sure whether this is in the right place but here goes; I am in the process of going through the recruit stages of TA training. At the moment I am out of work and caring for my disabled wife. We receive benefits in the form of Disability Living Allowance, carer's allowance and Income Support. I have searched ARRSE for something similar and drew a blank. To add to that I have checked the Income Support web pages and rang up the helpline who were not helpful at all! My question has been unanswered by them as they 'are not sure'.

Basically, as a TA soldier (recruit or otherwise) does the income from the TA affect our benefits? Before anyone starts on me for being a dole-ite I want to point out I am happy for it to be deducted from the benefits I just don't want to be in court for benefit fraud!

As much as I can see on the IS webpage it states that TA pay is classed as 'non-remunerative pay' but this doesn't lead to much explanation!

Anyone able to help?


I am unemployed until next monday and have just completed CMSR. You can go on one two week camp per year and it not affect your job seekers allowance. Any more than that and you wont recieve benefits for the weeks you are away. You can work up to 16 hours a week and still get job seekers allowance. I am unsure of how it will affect your other benefits.


Not sure about other benefits but I cared for my next door neighbour for 5 years. Sadly she passed 18 mths ago but up until then I was allowed 4 weeks 'holiday' per year and still receive carers allowance for the full 52 weeks.
However, you MUST let them know otherwise they will cancel this benefit and chase you for any weeks they feel you were not entitled.
you have to complete a form B7 which gives the hours worked etc. The money should then be deducted from your benefit. Not too sure how you will manage when you go away for a weekend training, as you must sign off if you work 16 hours or more. The dole do not understand days pay and ask for an hourly rate. So if you work 14 hours you will earn the same as if you work 16, however working 14 you won't have to sign off, just have your benefit adjusted. Problem begins when you have to sign off and any housing benefit etc is stopped, as the dole just inform them you are working. They don't tell them how much you earned. You will need to write down all the dates and payments etc. otherwise you will lose out.
Out of interest, how do you plan to arrange care for your wife when you get deployed?
DLA is not means tested but the rest are, you should apply for Direct Payments , this will provide support and care for your wife, the service user is financially assessed as an individual so you would probably not have to make a contribution, you will also be able to go away and have peace of mind knowing she is being looked after, BTW you can employ friends and family as long as they dont live with you
My mother in law is due to retire (my wife doesn't need personal care as such) in the next few months so by time I actually get my training done (recruit and trade) she has said she would care for her. There are other people around who are willing to help as well.

Paywog, Iasked the helpine and they were not sure! Told me they would ring me back but i'm still waiting!


Your wifes DLA will be unaffected, are you getting carers allowance or just claiming income support as a carer?

If you get carers allowance, you should be caring for your wife for at least 35 hours a week and earning less than the level required to pay national insurance (about £86 - £90 per week - I'm not sure of the exact figure but a TA weekend shouldn't be it)

Your main 'concern' should be with your income support - your earnings will need to be declared. If the claim is in your wifes name, then as her 'dependant' you are able to work up to 24 hours a week, if the claim is in your name you are only able to work up to 16 hours a week. £20 a week of your earnings are disregarded. They will take everything over £20 off your benefit. (you can change over the claim into your name if needed)

Your annual bounty is treated as capital - SO if you have savings be aware that it can take you over £6000 that you are able to have.

You will need to make sure that you declare all work done and stress that wages are paid in arrears, and that they can be up to 6/7 weeks in arrears.

I'm not sure what will happen when you do your 2 week camp - but as long as you keep them informed there is no way that you should be picked up by the fraud department !

Just be aware that a benefits processor will probably never have come across someone who is in the TA and will need to go away and find out...

Hope that helps


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You can forget about the 16 hours work a week limit, it doesn't apply to the TA, or a few other groups (some fishermen, working for the RNLI etc).

Normally you get an allowance of £5 on any earnings, hence if you get £50 a week jobseekers and earn £30 in a week then you'll end up with £55 overall (£25 from benefits). In the TA however you get to keep £20 worth.

In effect you can attend parade nights and get paid for it. No need to sign off when you do weekends, but make sure you declare it ( I'm pretty sure you'll be party to military as well as civil law here) and your benefits will be reduced accordingly ( with £20 on top). Your annual camp is the only time you'll have to sign off as you can't seek work whilst being beasted for 18 hours a day. You are however entitled to 2 weeks 'holiday' which you could probably use for your camp.

Apparently the fact that TA duties are carried out on an evenings and weekends basis means that you are still entitled to JSA.


Flight said:
Apparently the fact that TA duties are carried out on an evenings and weekends basis means that you are still entitled to JSA.

I like the thinking, but do you have a reference for this?


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