Startup on computer.

Biff question from a biff bloke.

How do I know which programs I require on startup, to have my laptop running as efficiently as possible?
Is there a straightforward interface, that says what things do in simple terms, and how this affects the pc in question?

I've looked on google, and there appears to be downloads for software to do this for you, I'm reluctant to use them, as I don't won't my computer slaved or cloned.
What is your OS?

If windows:
Type in msconfig in the run box (In start menu)

Then click on the start up tab.

This will list all processs that start when you start your pc up.

De-select any program you don't want to start.


If you have done a mistake then go into msconfig again and reclick the program you require.

Post back if you have any other problems
Ah my apologies.
Sorry should have said, how do I know what I need on startup to get my computer going a max speed.
I know about Msconfig, and how to edit what comes on at startip.
I don't know what programs I really need.
I have turned off some programs, but the thing still isn't running as quickly as it should be.

My OS is Windows 7.
diable every thing first then enable one progam at a time.

If you use Norton AV this is nortorus for slowing your system up.

It might even be worth doing a fresh install as the older the PC/Laptop the slower it gets.

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