Starting Your Own Business? Here's how to make sure it survives.

Hi everyone. When I left the Army back in '08 I had no intention of starting my own business then, but times and things change, and now I've got 3 in various stages of starting up. The key challenge for any business is, of course, getting customers using effective and measurable marketing, and this is where there is a course which you should seriously consider.

And no, I'm not selling anything, this is gen.

It's the 4 day European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing's certificate course and, if you can get to it, it will be worth every penny. I wish I'd done it as a resettlement course.

How do I know that? It's run by a guy called Drayton Bird.

Who's he? Well, whoever you talk to on either side of the Atlantic, he happens to be the one entrepreneurs like Joe Sugarman (who made millions selling Blu-Blocker sunglasses) refer to as 'the true living legend".

This guy knows more about Direct Marketing than anyone alive today. And believe me, direct marketing is the most cost-effective way you can get your products and services in front of your customers. Big businesses use it, but small businesses should use nothing else because it only costs the price of a stamp for each customer. I use it, and I learned a lot about it from Drayton.

I can't get to it this time, due to a commitment, and I am want to shoot myself.
But if you can go, then beg, borrow or steal to get there. Drayton's got more info at his blog at this link: The Drayton Bird Blog. I've seen him speak and the knowledge he gets across has transformed my business.

Also, when you get to his blog, then sign up for updates because you get 101 marketing tips and some other goodies too. I did it and they are really useful and funny. I'm on no.16 out of 101 so far and they are pure gold.

And no, I'm not an affiliate or anything like that, just google "drayton bird commonsense" or go to Drayton Bird's Commonsense Marketing and see for yourself. This guy has more quality free stuff on his website than you can shake a stick at.



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The government also run FREE four day business start up courses, ask at your lo0cak Business enterprise centre. I did one a free years back . It was so good it showed me I weren't cut out as a business man . Which was fair enough.

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