Starting with the TA during final regular year

I'm planning to leave the regular Army soon, after eight years service, and doing the transfer to TA/Army Reserve.
Does anyone know if it's possible to actually start your training with your TA unit once you've signed off? Such as doing any relevant trade courses during your last 12-months, so when you finish with the regulars you are pretty much good to go in your new TA unit.

What got me thinking about it was that I'm keen to try for 4 PARA and would like to get CIC and P Coy done while I still have all the good resources of serving (ie. great gym, running routes, time to train, etc.). Perhaps even be allowed on the regular AAPPS in order to go to that Bn.

It would definitely be a bonus doing normal work within a TA unit rather than recruit training again once sorting my new civvie life out.

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Go speak to your RCMO. There is a new DIN out allowing you to apply while for TA while still serving as a Reg. I would be surprised if they would alow you to do CIC and P Coy prior to leving though. Use the facilities you have to prepare and then as soon as you are released you can be signed onto the TA and get the courses. There may well be a queue for PRAC but I am sure one of the 4 Para bods will be on soon to give you the specifics.
As Sup Rec says your RCMO should know about the new DIN...start the process around 4-6 months prior to Discharge and nip into the TA unit ASP to tip your hat. By the time RCMO/OC have done paperwork and SMO does the medical its sent to the PSAO at the TA unit. They may say you have to drop a rank but if they say they want you the paperwork is sent to Glasgow and if done in time the day of discharge you then get pinged over to TA unit. You dont need to do TSC (A or B) but may have to do trade training if not going into the same trade. Look at the DIN about the MATTS you dont have to do and also the extra bonus.

Money for old Rope.

Additional courses are things you can discuss with the PSAO.
Cheers for the replies. I'll have a word with my RCMO. They're pushing the TA option massively on everyone who is getting out.

Quite fancy a swan on Op Tosca too after reading the posts on it. :D

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