"starting where I left off".. oh, and getting sacked

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moodymoddy, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. I visited the AFCO last week and was told my application from last year was still active, and they were going to get my details sent up from the other AFCO that I applied at. This was a massive relief as I'm guessing it means no long application form/reference/medical forms/opticians.. as I got past that and to the interviews last time.

    With that in mind, I started to think that this was going to be quite easy without any real complications..

    But now I appear to have lost my job - I haven't even been told officially. I have been informed by a third party. (Long story - I work with Apple computers, so I need access to a database of parts/serial numbers. I got an email Friday saying I no longer had access as I was no longer employed by the company in question - with a member of my company's name giving it authorisation.)

    If I'm totally honest, this has shocked me a bit as I've been off work ill with tonsilitis and shingles (old man disease? :p) for about 3 weeks - as one hit after the other. But its all been signed off by a doctor.. anyway, that's all something for another forum I guess.

    Problem being - Will the Army want references from this employer? As I don't know exactly why I've been sacked, and its quite a concern! I was considering looking into taking action against them, mainly for the way I have been informed of being sacked - but I don't really want to antagonize them if I will need a reference! (I say take action - none of that compensation bs, an apology and the pay for the month would do!)

    If I did take any action - will the army take the view that I am essentially a bit of whiney cnut and should probably learn to take some shit before I join? Also, will my recruiter take a dim view if I ring up and say "I've lost my job, so I need to change my contact number."?
  2. My advice would be to have a chat with your AFCO and explain the situation, I doubt you will get the responce you think, proberbly get an understanding responce.

    Good luck in finding new employment for now
  3. We dont have to have a reference off your Last Employer, but at least tell your recruiter what has happened

    Good luck with it all mate
  4. Take you employer to court for constructive dismissal, they've not followed a proper HR process yadda yadda yadda......they've no comeback. Speak to someone about the legal aspects.
  5. Call me a bluff old traditionalist...

    But (as pointed out above) unless you signed an agreement or the company you work for have told you in the past that they may fire you by proxy (via the medium of another company that supplies it) then they may have inadvertantly dropped a b0110ck.

    Tell the AFCIO, they may be able to help out..... and you certainly need to change your contact address/number.
  6. If you have been sacked by your current employer, and it sounds like you have, I would file a complaint against your employer with whatever labor authority handles these affairs in the U.K. as they must have violated several HR regulations by letting you find out that you were done through a third party. I have been catapulted through the door at various jobs during my chequered career but at least my boss(s) have never had a problem in telling me to my face that my services were no longer required. In fact a few rather looked forward to telling me the bad news as a special treat. :p
  7. "From April 2009 the law relating to discipline, grievance and dismissals will change."

    Some resources which might help

    BERR on Resolving Disputes

    Resolving Disputes At Work

    ACAS Grievance Procedure Booklet

    CAB on Dismissal

    CAB on Notice of dismissal from work
  8. Wow, Thanks for all of your support guys. I must say - every single reply has been spot on! Just what I needed.

    Tremaine - Thanks for those links, a lot of food for thought there. I can already see things emerging that aren't quite correct. I'm going to pop down to the CAB tomorrow for advice.
  9. No worries moodymoddy. CAB's are overwhelmed at present, can't think why though 8O Also try Community legal Services Direct online, or ring them on 0845 345 4 345. Might be good to have template letters from advisers as the process is fairly rigid.

    Advisers have networked online systems and you'll get the gen up from there.

  10. Are you sure you have been sacked perhaps your account has just been suspend during you period of absence there is a big difference, you should perhaps speak to your line manager before you make any rash moves it may be company policy to suspend accounts after x days to safe guard the company. Check it out first report for work as normal and take it from there good luck.
  11. That had crossed my mind, buts its the whole wording of it..

    To me that is pretty blunt - but I've emailed my manager requesting a response ASAP - preferably before 9AM. Then if its a mis-understanding I can go in. If its not - Its early enough in the day to get some advice. (Thanks again Tremaine for that number!)
  12. Go in and speak to them face to face
  13. With a sledgehammer, axe and chainsaw.... ski mask optional.

    ~If you don't like what is bing said..... put the axe through his computer.... then go postal.
  14. Is the last bit advice for his trade selection? :lol:

  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Ask questions first, in all likelihood they have made an admin error and you are still employed. If they have not told you that you are terminated then you are not terminated.