Starting Training After Shin Splints-Advice

Hi guys. Just came across this place this morning,so this is my first post. Im 19, and im currently in the selection process for the Royal Marines.Ive had my tests and interviews,all thats left is the fitness side of things.Now i know this forum is Army based,but for the physicall side of things im sure the advice will be of just as much use to me!

Im currently taking a couple of weeks out of training as ive developed shin splints.But im going to be going back into it soon hopefully. I should be looking at a PRMC (Potential RM course) in September so ive got a few months to up my fitness yet,and hopefully gid rid of my shin splints.

Ive been lifting weights for a couple of years,and only really stopped and focused on CV work since Feb.At x-mas i was around 15 1/2 stone,im now 13 as all i do is CV stuff and bodyweight excersises.

My training in the last few months as been ,running 3 times a week, some cycling/cross trainer work,and bodyweight circuits. I recently uped the intensity by running after a 20 minute skipping/circuit routine ,but i think this,plus extra runs has caused me to get the shin problems.
My current best 1.5m time is 10.20,and 3m is 22.0 ,I can do the required press ups (60-2mins) sit ups (80-2mins) and pull ups (min 6- my max is 18 pull ups)

What i really want to get better at is my fitness,i want my running to improve ,and also my sprint work.I had a freind pass his PRMC 3 days ago and said it was all about sprint work,as you never get a rest over the 2 days.

When i start training again i think im going to run just twice a week,and try one on softer ground to ease my shins,whilst doing some swimming and cylcing.

Would be good to see if anyones got some advice on getting back into training soon after an injury,and also what i can do to improve more on my running time/speed work as oposed to long drawn out runs.

Nice site btw guys,been reading posts for hours so far!
Id deffinatly reccomend Fartlek training, if you dont know what this is during your runs sprint at about 80% for about a minute then carry on normal running, try and inccoroprate 6 off these in say a half hour run building it up gradually,
for shin splints i dont really know as im lucky enough not to suffer, best to see ya GP perhaps he can reccomend trainers maybe to help.
best off luck any way.
Avoid running on tarmac it caused me a lot of knee problems when I joined up. Instead my physio recommended that I run on grass as it not only physically more tiring it reduces the impact on the knees and shins. It sounds stupid but it really works.
Cheers guys. Im currently having Pyhsio ,ive also been running with fitted running shoes,and i always warm up and down and stretch.The only thing i can see being the main cause of splints for me is a dramatic increas in intensity quickly.But hoepfully it will go soon,im getting worried though as ive got pain even when walking,or sitting.

Ill look into the interval training mentioned,and i think im going to have to run on grass for a while,concrete cant of helped my situation

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