Starting to get fed up need answers

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lurk3r, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Hey, So I've got a bit off a problem with the TA and I'm not getting any answers and it's been months now since I decided to join the TA and in serious need of answers.

    So let me start, months ago I decided to join my local TA regiment in Northern Ireland as a driver (152 Transport Regiment) I did my interviews, medical and selection with no problems, but then it all started to go downhill from here and still haven't started training after months of passing selection.

    They said it's due to paper work being held up in Scotland or something on those lines, this is due to me previously joining the regular army at sixteen and droping out a few weeks laters (Big mistake) I just felt I wasn't mentally ready for it, but since then I've did a bit of growing up, I'm now 20 and looking to give the TA ago, but I feel I'm just being messed about and being told excuse after excuse.

    I recently phoned them again about a month ago and got told the same excuse (paper work) then got told my medical has expired and will have to do it again!!! not just that, I was also told I could no longer be a driver due to me not having a car licenses, this wasn't the case when I was joining up.

    Now I have the option to be a chef or a medic, this is what the guy over the phone told me and this just does not appeal to me at all. So I was thinking would I be able to get a transfer to another regiment? I was thinking the 2nd battalion Royal Irish, would this be possible? Because I don't fancy being a chef or a medic at all but more to the point, what the hell is going on with this paper work and why after months of passing selection haven't I started training what is the deal here?
  2. Others will be along to correct me, I'm sure, but if you've progressed to selection then the necessary paperwork from Glasgow (I assume your AF203, as you're a rejoiner) should already have been done.

    Medicals do expire, although I'm not sure of the time limits.

    Since the loggies traditional draw was "come and get some licences", that surprises me a little, but if they've decided they don't want to take on any more (non)drivers, that's their prerogative. Could simply be down to the budget holder saying no more money for Cat B.

    As to whether you should transfer, it's a maybe. On the one hand, if your paperwork is spread all over the place, then you might be better off where you are until it's all sorted. On the other hand, if it's simply the case that their admin is pump, the sooner you get out the better.

    I leave further advice to other older and wiser heads.
  3. I was going to join the local TA unit where I am. I applied about 6 months after leaving and heard nothing for months. Then the Sqn clerk called me to find out which Reg I was discharged under. As I'm not a geeek I didn't know and told her it would be on my records held at Glasgow. So I then waited a while, called back to be told my paperwork was being sorted. In the end I found a job that meant that I couldn't give enough time and effort to the TA. I didn't want to be the shit SNCO that only turned up once a month etc etc.
    So I mailed the 2 i/c and explained my situation only to be told that they had only received the authority from Glasgow to sign me on the week before. Seems strange that after 3 1/2 months of nothing the week I tell them I'm not interested anymore they tell me that they could of signed me on the week before.
  4. I take it you are from Coleraine?
  5. Get yourself doing something exciting and go and see the QOY (North Irish Horse). Much more fun and a good unit.
  6. No Ballyhalbert.
  7. I'm going to phone them tomorrow again is there anything I should ask about? and how would I go about asking for a transfer to 2nd battalion Royal Irish?
  8. First of all, speak to the recieving unit, explain your situation (insofar as possible, without slagging 152 Regt off) and see if they're willing to take you on. They'll probably want you to come in for a chat, too. Make sure you know not just why you want to transfer, but why you want to transfer to them.

    Once they've said they're happy to take you, talk to your point of contact at 152 Regt - troop sergeant, RRTT or whoever. They'll then send it up the chain (which speed depends on a lot of factors), you'll have a couple of interviews and at the end of it the OC will write up the paperwork and send it to your new unit (possibly via Glasgow; I don't recall).

    I suggest, regardless of how frustrated you are, being as polite and courteous as possible to everyone involved. That doesn't mean you should let yourself be fobbed off; if you want to go, stand your ground but remember the above. I've a feeling that a request for transfer must be actioned by the unit, but you can make it a lot easier by playing the game. Remember, you're there until you're not.

    If the planets align and everyone cooperates, a formal transfer can be accomplished in a month. Don't give anyone a reason not to cooperate.
  9. apologies but you should NOT have been sent on a Selection until your application had been approved by Glasgow.
    Unfortunately the process of vetting those with former service can take many months. If you were discharged through injury in training it can take even longer as it has to go through Occupational Health at Glasgow and this involves not only the usual vetting but your medical records too.
    Perhaps i shouldnt be saying this but i have read something recently which states new applications are going to be held on file until the backlog generated over the last 12 months has been processed.

    Processing has always been incredibly slow at Glasgow but with reduncancies, changing offices, equipment "upgrades" and staff sickness amongs the few remaining in post the system is at breaking point.

    Transferring to another unit will not speed up this process. It is not your units fault.

    My advice to you is to be patient. Your recruiter will tell you when you can start training. You may have to have another medical but you wont have to do selection again.
  10. Cheers for the advice lads, I'll phone 2nd battalion Royal Irish tomorrow see if they're willing to take me, then explain the situation to 152 regiment recruiter see what they have to say. I was all up for joining the 152 regiment as a driver, but since that isn't an option there is no point in doing something else half hearted and not enjoying the experince as Id rather be out and about, rather than being stuck in the kitchen and as for a medic well I would'nt exactly have the stomach for it.
  11. if they cant offer you a post then your better off going elsewhere.

    However your new unit will hit the same problem with Glasgow so dont expect quick results. They will have to apply again which puts you back at the starting point.

    i also refer you to what i said in my earlier post
    if your application is seen as a recent one from your new unit then it will be shelved until the backlog is dealt with.

    My advice is to contact your current RRMT and ask for them to keep you on their books UNTIL your AF B203 Special Enlistment application is processed. Then and only then you transfer to your new unit.
  12. So contact 152 Transport regiment tell them to keep me on their books untill my AF B203 Special Enlistment application is processed, then ask for the transfer, rather than starting from scatch again?
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  13. Yes exactly. The email informing us about Glasgow only came out a few days ago so they may not be aware of its existence.

    They will/should have no problem keeping you on their books if you specifically request it until your AF B203 is dealt with.

    Once it is processed you are then eligible to start training. you've already passed selection which is the hard part. you can then ask to be handed off to your new unit.

    The word is patience mate.
  14. So do I bring up wanting to get a transfer tomorrow while on the phone about my medical, but ask them could they keep me on their books untill AF B203 is dealt with or should I wait for them to ring me and tell me that my application has been proccessed, then bring up wanting to transfer, before I start training, so I can do training with that unit rather than 152 regiment?
  15. talk to your recruiter, preferably in person and ask their advice on what you should do. Theres no extra work for them. All theyre waiting for is an email back from Glasgow then you can be attested. Once your attested you can then be transferred. Again apart from sending your docs to your new unit its no big deal.

    ive had recruits tell me they wanted a transfer after they'd began training which is really annoying as it generates a lot of paperwork but ive done as theyve asked and arranged it for them.

    It will save your recruiter a lot of trouble if they know you want a transfer before you start training.