Starting the process!

Hi all, just a quick question about OPMI

Roughly how long does the process take from taking the BARB, to getting a date for Phase 1? Owing all goes well that is!
I'm still at university, going into my last year, so looking at finishing at about July/August and I don't want to start the process only to find myself with a start date and time still left at university.

I've been into the London AFCO and have attended a presentation, and was told when ready to call up to book a spot for the BARB. At the moment I'm thinking about calling up and booking on around the end/start of the year, but another angle might be helpful!

As far as I know, there is currently a waiting list to get into the Corps as a soldier. So you may as well go ahead, get the ball rolling and do your BARB as soon as you can. Once you've done that then you can attend recruit selection for the Army followed by Int Corps selection at Chicksands. Concurrently you will also start the vetting process.

At some point after this you will be given a date to start Phase 1 training at Pirbright.

Your recruiter will give you the most accurate and up to date information on how the entire process works from doing your BARB to starting at Pirbright. Save your Int Corps specific questions for when you do selection at Chicksands. You will waste your time asking on ARRSE as there is a lot we do that can't be discussed on the internet.
Expect a long wait. I began the process this March and I have selection in October. My recruiter says the Int Corps are running a selection course during October but it'll be hit or miss whether I pass Lichfield in time to be loaded on it. Fingers crossed.
hi all,
my turn around from BARB to start phsae one has been around 11 Months

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