starting the CIC at catterick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Lo all tis me again. Just passed my 2 day selection at lichfield :D
    So im off to catterick for 24 weeks of the combat infantrymans course, absolutely crapping myself as i probobly should be. So any advice? Anything would be much appreciated, tips on how do avoid beastings, tips on polishing shoes, on things to say, on things that piss corporals off, on how to keep kit in decent shape, ANYTHING would be much appreciated. Also wouldnt mind knowing what the general opinion of catterick is etc.
    Thanks muchly, bradders
  2. Two ears, one mouth.... Keep gob shut, listen more.
    Work hard, don't go acting the tw@t, there will be enough of those.
    Get as much phys trng in now as possible.... oh and don't eat yellow snow
  3. Beastings are unavoidable,and your Kit will never be good enough,but that's what it's all about.It's all geared around seperating the men from the boys,so if you want it badly enough you will be the one getting posted to a Bn at the end of the 24 wks,not the one who sacked it in wk 6 and went to work in McDonalds ! Good luck kid,work hard,listen in,and don't gob off and you'll be ok...
  4. Some more knowledge for you my friend is guards gurkha and para's are on Helles barracks other div's are on Vimy barracks but there has been an overspill at time in lucknow barracks your final exercise will be a defense ex where you dig in trust me mate you will love it as i and many other's before you have it's the best time you'll have apart from being on ops best of luck and by the way what regt are you joining???
  5. I dont mind the beastings or bieng swore at or bieng done for no reason in particular because i know its all part of the training and will get my self-discipline up, my uncle is ex army and told me the main thing is just remembering its not personal.
    And im joining the worstershire and sherwood foresters, am having second thaughts now though from what ive heard off other people on here about them.
  6. Taric, you are a tool. Bradshaw - Stick to your guns on your Regimental choice - if you've seen the environment, and you think you'll thrive there, then don't let anyone put you off. Keep your head down and be the grey man. Dont i) leave your fourth mag in the top of your Bergan by accident on range day, ii) turn up late for parade because you are evacuating your bowels, and avoid gobbing off. The best way to get noticed as being a good recruit is to not be noticed as a bad one. Good luck, have fun and don't get your dry kit wet - ever.
  7. Well done on passing selection mate and start looking forward to a very hard but rewarding 24 weeks at 'costa del'.I passed out at the end of April and im out in Basra on Telic8 now with my battalion 2 R Anglian..Il give u what advice i can and if theres any thing else you wanna know then let me know mate..First off the first six weeks r s**t,you will walk around in true crow fashion in your c**t cap while most of or all of your senior platoons proudly strut around wearing their berets.You will be shouted at,have your locker trashed,and generally get beasted anytime one person does something wrong as you will come to find out they use blanket person messes up everyone gets beasted whch is fair enough because at the end of the day you're a team and in a strange way it brings you all closer together.NEVER answer back to your platoon staff even if you know you are right and they are wrong,keep your mouth shut and listen to everything they say..They have been there and done it all before and they will respect you more if you just keep your head down and work hard..Always keep your locker in good nick and your best book up to date.For the first six weeks you will have a locker inspection every morning,so as daft as it may sound if you're no good at ironing now get used to using one because you will doing alot of it for them 6weeks.Sort your kit,do your best book and crash need to try and get to bed as early as you can everynight because you are learning so much everyday and a tired mind wont help you.

    After you have passed off the square at week 6 and you get your beret life gets a bit better there,the weak members of the platoon will have gone and the locker inspections ease off from one every morning to a couple a week if that! From here on you have high and lows,make friends who you will go through so much with that you feel more like brothers,and at the end of the day there is no more honourable or proud job than bein a british combat soldier..The course gets better and better all the way through and the first shitty six weeks will make more and more sense the further you go and the course becomes enjoyably hard work if that makes sense lol...NEVER EVER give up,there will be times when you will want to leave and when people around you will be leaving but i promise you the proudest i have ever felt in my life was the day i passed out of Catterick to the sound of the band.

    One great memory i have from training was when we went on one of our final excercises to Cyprus and a couple of lads in my section were making to much noise in our harbour..Our section commander called us all in and said there was a sniper threat and that we would be doin fireteam stags,half hour on half our off...the stag position was about 50 metres away up quite a steep hill and the ground was littered with boulders..we had to move to and from the sentrie positon on our belt buckles and it was a bloody hot and my mate crawled our arrses off until our knees and knuckles bled and to make it worse i was lsw gunner..when we finally got to the bottom we were in total clip and in so much pain but we just looked at the state of each other and laughed like was one of those situations where u had to laugh or you would cry... the CIC will make you a man and you will feel yourself changing as a person as you progress through your time there..When you go home on leave and see your cokehead mates still drinking in the same pub and workin in the same factory you realise you have made the best decision of your life and it you fell like you have a purpose and you are playing a role in the world..It is the best job ever mate,just never give up in training.

    Before i joined up i came to Arrse for advice and one thing what always stood out to met was a qoute somebody said..... "Many are called but few are chosen,keep your webbing tight,your weapon clean and work hard,when times are tough be proud of who you are,trust in those above you and stay loyal to those around you"

    All the best to ya mate and good luck
  8. Be proud of your chosen Regiment mate. My training Cpl was one of you, cracking bloke. Fcuk what anyone else says.
  9. yeah what ever mate!!! some sort of behind the monitor hardman are we!!!! TW*T
  10. Why have you got an Oxygen Theif medal bar, and I haven't? Hmmm. Food for thought. And no, I've passed CIC in February, so I'm not a 'behind the monitor hardman.' I'd happily call you a tool to your face.
  11. well mate i passed mine in 2002 and yes i did p-coy and yes i was 3 para so no you wouldn't !!!!
  12. what!? this feburay you crow and you know why i got oxygen thief for telling hat crows like you where to go and they don't like it so they complain because they've got as about as much backbone as a jelly fish and oh yeah look at my attatched pics on infantry forum for para regt tat's and you'll have all the proof you need!!
  13. I think it's time for you two to drop this willy-waving before another thread falls into the Arrsehole.

    Good luck bradshaw; have fun in Catterick; enjoy it's high culture, temperate climate & breathtaking scenery ;)
  14. yeah you've a point there eSel and as for you sarnian sorry you're right i have got the oxygen thief and you haven't and well done with passing CIC in febuary mate!!!
  15. ...breathe deep...

    ...and relax...

    ...breathe deep...

    ...and relax...

    Quit rising to the bait and you'll be fine mate