Starting soon...

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hey all,

incase your interested (i know im opening myself up here to a world of sarcasm!) im starting phase one soon and happy to answr any q's when i can for peope thinking about joining or have a start date next year.

Check the blog, Civvy to Soldier

or fire me any questions...

thanks all...
Isn't there some sort of stickie to post such things in?
No but he has quite a few threads he started to highlight the fact he has a blog, maybe an idea is to keep them all to one thread rather than several as Disco and Forastro are like saints 11 months of the year but start to get grumpy nearer to Christmas about repeat threads........they didn't send me a christmas card last year when I started a new thread :(
i guess this is where i say..
" doi remove the thread!"
I need my christmas cards...i tip-ex the names out and re-send them!
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